Is it true when fans say that Demon Slayer is ‘only’ good because of its Animation?

Is it true when fans say that Demon Slayer is 'only' good because of its Animation

Demon Slayer has demonstrated a never before seen level of staying power as a modern anime. While it boasts a plethora of different reasons for its rise to popularity, some fans claim that it is being carried, solely by its animation while others see it as a new ‘starter’ anime. Is it true when fans say that Demon Slayer is ‘only’ good because of its Animation? That is what we’ll be discussing here.

The Best Parts

Is it true when fans say that Demon Slayer is 'only' good because of its Animation
An Image of Nezuko, Courtesy of Crunchyroll Youtube channel.

Before we open up the core of Demon Slayer and break it down to get a view of what its made up of, we need to acknowledge its strengths:


  • It’s Ufotable, that alone should make this self-explanatory. Demon Slayer is an anime that looks absolutely stunning and drop-dead gorgeous.
  • Even if you disregard it as a source of entertainment, it could still stand as a work of art, thanks to Ufotable’s amazing hand at tying the breathtaking visuals and vibrant art style to their flawlessly fluid animation that is seamlessly integrated into every scene and shot of the anime.


  • All released seasons of Demon Slayer boast phenomenal music and the most exquisite of soundtracks so far.
  • The fluidity of the animation and the beauty of the world just so happens to have the most elegant soundtrack possible complementing them to make every scene and moment a visual and auditory spectacle.
  • This is especially true when it comes to fights and combat sequences, where the music and the out-of-this-world fight choreography come together to cement an everlasting impression on the viewer.

The Issues with Demon Slayer

Is it true when fans say that Demon Slayer is 'only' good because of its Animation
A Picture of Tanjiro, Courtesy of Studio Ufotable

Even though the anime looks beautiful, it is not without flaws.

  • Demon Slayer tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator. By design, it is meant to be liked by a large number of people.
  • Simple stories that provided a decent amount of entertainment often get the title ‘not bad’, and are often considered the favorites of many.
  • But, a truly amazing piece of fiction that goes down as legendary takes several risks and often does not appeal to every kind of audience.
  • Demon Slayer always tries to play safe, with very little novelty and overuse of certain cliches.

The Plot Structure

The core plot of Demon Slayer had a lot of promise and potential but was executed in a very simplistic and linear fashion. The problem, however, is that this gets a bit repetitive after a while.

The first season of the anime and the first few volumes of the manga get away with this due to its novelty, but after the fans get used to the world of Demon Slayer, the story has nothing new to offer. It ends up following a simple structure that goes similar to this:

  • Go to a New Location
  • Meet a New Hashira
  • Trouble with a new Demon
  • Tanjiro Gets a new power-up (Sometimes in a frustratingly random way)
  • The Demon is Killed (+Sad backstory for the demon)
  • Training Arc
  • Rinse and Repeat for the next arc

Demon Slayer overuses this formula to the point of annoyance and does so till its final arc, that too in a surprisingly rushed and forced fashion.

While fans who prefer a light, non-complex battle shounen might find Demon Slayer entertaining, fans who have watched other shounen like Hunter X Hunter or Full-metal Alchemist might find this anime to be lacking in terms of substance and uniqueness, and may find it uninteresting.


The animation quality of Demon Slayer is unquestionably fantastic, and could never be up for debate. However, the repetitive plot, lack of novelty, and overused cliches might not be appealing to some fans.

The tragedy of both humans and demons alike often seems to be placed just as a shock factor in the form of deaths and unnecessary, ill-timed backstories instead of being woven into the plot. While a lot of fans seem to love this simplistic approach, it wouldn’t be without basis to say that many might not if its animation wasn’t as good as it is now.

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