Is KFC’s tweets about Jujutsu Kaisen A Fan’s Love or a Business trick?

Is KFC's tweets about Jujutsu Kaisen A Fan's Love or a Business trick

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 has been one of the greatest hits of this Summer. The anime took all of us on a full-blown rollercoaster ride with its amazing plot. In the latest episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, they featured Gojo and Toji Fushiguro’s intense battle. The last episode depicted the aftermath of Gojo Satoru’s epic battle, in which he used his ultimate ability to defeat Toji Fushiguro.

However, the plot took an unexpected turn when Gojo confronted an even greater difficulty, jeopardizing his friendship with Geto Suguru. The once unshakable friendship between these two characters was put to the test. The tearjerker scene where Gojo and Geto fall apart showcased them on the sidewalk of the city, in front of a KFC outlet. This particular scene has now been in popular discourse because the episode even received a shocking response from none other than KFC.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 5- What was it about?

  • Episode 5 of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 picks up one year after the events in which Gojo fights Fushiguro and rescues Riko from the Star Religious Group. Gojo shows Geto and Shoko the automatic selection element of his jujutsu technique.
  • As Gojo continues to discuss his technique and its achievements, Geto declares Satoru has become the strongest and can handle all of his missions by himself. Geto claims that he has completed tasks on his own as well.  Geto has a run-in with special-grade sorceress Yuki Tsukomo in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 5.

Tsukomo is discovered to be at war with the rest of the jujutsu community over a disagreement on the methods sorcerers use.

Is KFC's tweets about Jujutsu Kaisen A Fan's Love or a Business trick
Toji was defeated by Gojo. (Image credit Studio MAPPA)

While Tsukomo’s intentions and techniques are noble, the conversation provokes an unexpected thought in Geto. He starts believing that if non-sorcerers are the source of curses, then the conflict would come to an end if there were no non-sorcerers. This line of thought leads Geto to commit a heinous act of slaughter as his first step toward achieving his new aim.

The episode ends with a confrontation between Geto and Gojo. Gojo struggles to come to terms with what his friend has become. The scene would be devastating under any circumstances, but it is made even more so by Gojo’s personality. For the first time in Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo appears completely helpless.

KFC’s tweet about Jujutsu Kaisen garners significant reactions from fans

Gojo and Geto had a last encounter in the fifth episode in a bustling area in front of a popular fast food restaurant – KFC. Geto confronted Gojo about his recent heinous deeds, but instead of responding directly, Geto cross-questioned Gojo. He questioned Gojo’s ability as a sorcerer to help him eliminate non-sorcerers. Upon this confrontation, Gojo stood there watching Geto leave the scene. When asked why he didn’t go after Geto, Gojo admitted that he couldn’t bear the thought of hurting his brother, even if it meant putting an end to a mass murderer.

Although the manga doesn’t go into great depth, the confrontation takes place on Shinjuku’s Memory Lane street. The most powerful duo splits up near a KFC (or KIC because of trademark and copyright issues). One of the fans pointed out the scene and commented how beautiful it was to see human culture references in the JJK universe. To everyone’s amazement, KFC responded within minutes. KFC also tweeted saying that it was difficult for them to see the duo separate from behind their register.

Is KFC’s tweet about Jujutsu Kaisen love or purely a business trick

Seeing one of our favorite fast-food chains delve into the world of anime and make Jujutsu Kaisen references is surely very adorable. KFC being a part of the recent Jujutsu Kaisen episode was a very warm moment for fans all over the world. But it is very evident how the food giant used this as the perfect chance in their favor for publicity.

Is KFC's tweets about Jujutsu Kaisen A Fan's Love or a Business trick
Fans reacting to KFC’s tweet. (Tweets snapshotted from Twitter)

Gege Akutami references real-life sites in his series, which appear to be known by the masses. KFC saw their banner and tweeted ‘Still wiping away tears.’ The statement has since gone viral. And fans can’t get over how expertly KFC leveraged brand integration to their advantage. Fans have interacted with the tweet in an overpowering amount, which has definitely increased KFC’s engagement on the internet.


Is KFC's tweets about Jujutsu Kaisen A Fan's Love or a Business trick
Gojo and Geto. (Image credit Studio MAPPA)

As fans mourn the heartbreaking separation of Gojo and Geto in Jujutsu Kaisen, KFC reacts amusingly as if they were there to witness the incident. And it works in their favor because the whole JJK community is fascinated by their reply. Many others come forward to express their condolences, and some inquire about the split. All in all, it can be concluded that whether or not it was intended to be a marketing trick, KFC did pull it off to gain the attention of thousands of JJK fans.

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