Will Kingdoms of Ruin become the next Redo of the Healer?

Adonis from Kingdoms of Ruin

One of the most famous revenge stories in the anime community is Redo of the Healer. Following its glory, many others have also received their share of the limelight. Kingdoms of Ruin is this season’s revenge story. It shows promise, but can it be the next Redo of the Healer? Can it take up the mantle?

Why is Redo of the Healer so popular?

Redo of the Healer was the first revenge anime that brought out very explicit and mature themes to the anime world. Even though the show was heavily censored, there are uncensored versions of it out there. Its birth as an anime brought a whole new experience for the community. Never have they seen such mature and explicit themes used in such a vile manner. All for the sake of revenge that the protagonist was admonishing on his enemies.

Kayeru from Redo of the Healer
Kayeru from Redo of the Healer | Courtesy of TNK

The community loved the MC’s will to torture and assault anyone that came up in his way, brainwashing multiple characters to his “just” cause. In the beginning, his thirst for revenge was understandable, however, slowly it became an excuse and many in the community loved that. While very morally wrong, his actions did serve a purpose for the good. His actions could have been different, but his indifference to such opinions makes the show enjoyable.

Why is every revenge story compared to it?

Kayeru from Redo of the Healer
Kayeru from Redo of the Healer | Courtesy of TNK

Redo of the Healer set up a benchmark for all revenge stories to hit. This benchmark is clearly the will and desperation of the protagonist to use any and all means to fulfill his motives and revenge. Such characters partake in morally wrong actions, but this allows the viewers to indulge in moments they wish they could do, yet they would never do.

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Is Kingdoms of Ruin the next Redo of the Healer?

Satellite in Kingdoms of Ruin
Scientific World | Courtesy of Yokohama Animation Lab

Both stories have the protagonists rilling up to dish out the worst they can to their enemies. Yet, both are completely different.

  • In Redo, the victim is the protagonist, while in Kingdoms, the protagonist loses his loved one.
  • In Redo, the protagonist creates a harem, while in Kingdoms, the protagonist partners up with only one girl.
  • In Redo, the world is of magic and stays within magic, while in Kingdoms, the world has become scientific.
  • In Redo, the protagonist’s main goal is to find the Demon King, while in Kingdoms, the protagonist’s main goal is revenge.

Such differences make both the shows really exciting, yet the question of succession has never bothered with the uniqueness of its competitors. Kingdoms of Ruin goes a step further with revenge, it is wholly of the protagonist’s revenge, compared to Redo of the Healer where the protagonist is done with his revenge and now assists others in their revenge.

Adonis's loved one
Adonis’s loved one | Courtesy of Yokohama Animation Lab

While it is certain that Redo has set the standard quite high for revenge stories to be considered good, Kingdoms has shown the potential to usurp its throne. The latter has much more exciting world mechanics than the former, allowing it to possibly become not the next Redo, but its own Kingdoms.


Redo of the Healer has been quite popular and continues to be as influential in the genre as it was when it aired. Yet the question of succession of its throne seems only plausible when there comes a show that is somewhat inferior to it. Kingdoms of Ruin, if treated properly in animation, will possibly set the next benchmark in its field. While both are revenge stories at their core, Kingdoms truly seems to have it in its essence.

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