Will the Solo Leveling Sequel Ragnarok be animated by Japan?

A still from Solo Leveling ep 7 battle scene

The highly anticipated sequel to the smash-hit Korean webtoon Solo Leveling, titled ‘Solo Leveling: Ragnarok,’ has sparked excitement amongst fans. With the original anime adaptation currently underway, there are questions about the animation studio of Ragnarok.

Back in 2023, Kakao Announces Solo Leveling Sequel

In April 2023, fans of the hit web novel Solo Leveling rejoiced as Kakao announced “Solo Leveling: Ragnarok,” a thrilling sequel continuing the story. Picking up the torch from the original author Chugong, Daul writes this new chapter, serialized on KakaoPage and boasting 105 chapters as of February 2024.

There is no official announcement regarding the animation studio for a Solo Leveling Sequel

Solo Leveling Sequel Manhwa: Solo Leveling Ragnarok
Solo Leveling Sequel Manhwa | Image courtesy of Kakao


Current Status:

  • Original Solo Leveling: The first season of the anime adaptation, produced by the Japanese A-1 Pictures studio, premiered in January 2024 and is ongoing.
  • Ragnarok Webtoon: Currently ongoing, the webtoon is illustrated by Redice Studio, which picked up the mantle after the original artist, DUBU, passed away in 2023.

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Currently, it’s too early to definitively say whether Solo Leveling: Ragnarok will get a Japanese animation adaptation. While the original’s success in Japan and A-1 Pictures’ involvement suggest a possibility, various factors remain unclear.

As it stands, the community is somewhat divided. The Solo Leveling Anime is currently scheduled only for 12 episodes, which granted in the world of Anime adaptations of Manga (or in this case, Manhwa) isn’t much.

Fans have to wait for official announcements from production companies or studios. However, given its popularity and current standing in Japan, there’s a high likelihood that the animation studio is Japanese.

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Solo Leveling Sequel Ragnarok Key Visual
Solo Leveling Sequel Ragnarok Key Visual | Courtesy of Kakao

Popularity in Japan: The original Solo Leveling webtoon garnered immense popularity in Japan, even spawning its own Japanese name (“Ore Dake Level Up na Ken“). This indicates potential interest in an anime adaptation for Ragnarok as well. With Korean voice cast, who delivered outstanding performances they have gained immense popularity in Japan and Worldwide.

If the rumours are true, and Solo Leveling anime is actually extended till episode 24, we can expect more of such characters to be animated for our amusement. whatever the case may be, you can stay up-to-date with the latest information by subscribing to the Spielanime Newsletter.

Experience of A-1 Pictures: The studio behind the current Solo Leveling anime, A-1 Pictures, boasts experience in adapting popular manga and webtoons into anime, such as “Your Lie in April” and “Sword Art Online.” Their involvement in the current season increases the possibility of them continuing with Ragnarok.

Regarding how much the Solo Leveling Anime can practically cover

With a second cour, the anime may be able to adapt up til Chapter 90 of the manhwa, which would cover the Jeju Island Arc. Given how the Solo Leveling Anime itself begins the first episode with sequences of hunters taking down Ant monsters in Jeju Island, which by chronological order should have been shown much later in the Anime, gives us the impression that the Anime at least plans on covering till Jeju Arc – in two cours if not one, and perhaps even a second season if not possible in one season alone. 

  1. Two cours comprising 12 episodes is the standard practice in Anime adaptations, the two cours then is officially claimed as a season.
  2. Sometimes even one cour can be counted as one season, with the second season consisting of another 12 episodes released much later – although this case is rare.

A brief introduction to Solo Leveling Ragnarok

Sung Su-ho, son of Sung Jin-woo in Solo Leveling Ragnarok
Sung Su-ho, son of Sung Jin-woo in Solo Leveling sequel anime Ragnarok | Courtesy of Kakao

Years after Sung Jinwoo’s legendary rise, the world faces a fresh threat as the Gates reopen. This time, the mantle falls upon Sung Suho, the son of the Shadow Monarch, who inherits his father’s power but keeps it sealed for a normal childhood. However, as the System chooses him as a Player, Suho embarks on a journey to unlock his true potential and confront new challenges. With secrets surrounding his father’s legacy and a looming threat on the horizon, Suho must rise to become the hero his lineage demands.


Until an official announcement, all we have is speculation. But hey, with the immense popularity of Solo Leveling and the promising start of Ragnarok, the odds of an anime adaptation are looking good! If you enjoyed this article and want to delve deeper into the insights of Solo Leveling, you may also like to read All the Solo Leveling English Voice Actors and Their Previous Work Listed. And let us know about your expectations about this newly to-be-released sequel anime in the comments below.

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