Is Studio Ghibli’s popularity ungrounded?

Is Studio Ghibli's popularity ungrounded?

Studio Ghibli, the acclaimed Japanese animation studio, has enjoyed immense popularity and a dedicated global fanbase for decades. Yet, some may question whether this popularity is truly deserved or if it’s merely a result of hype and nostalgia. In this article, we will look into the reasons behind Studio Ghibli’s enduring appeal and demonstrate why their popularity is not ungrounded but firmly rooted in artistic excellence and timeless storytelling.

Crafting art, not just animation

A still from My Neighbour Totoro
A still from My Neighbour Totoro (Image via Studio Ghibli)

At the heart of Studio Ghibli’s allure is its commitment to creating art through animation. Each movie produced by the studio is a masterpiece of visual storytelling, carefully handcrafted to evoke emotions and stir the imagination. Unlike some contemporary works that may prioritize commercial success over artistic integrity, Ghibli’s focus remains firmly on the beauty of storytelling.

The Studio’s founding principles

Studio Ghibli was founded by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, two visionaries with a shared belief in the power of animation to touch hearts and minds. Their commitment to this principle laid the foundation for a studio that would consistently produce movies that resonate deeply with audiences.

Unforgettable visuals

A still from Princess Mononoke
A still from Princess Mononoke (Image via Studio Ghibli)

From the lush forests of Princess Mononoke to the enchanting worlds of Spirited Away, Studio Ghibli movies are a visual feast. Every frame is a work of art, and the attention to detail is staggering. This dedication to visual excellence is a testament to the studio’s pursuit of beauty.

Exploring timeless themes

While some animation may rely on fleeting trends and fads, Studio Ghibli’s themes are timeless and resonate with viewers of all ages. These films explore complex ideas and emotions, offering profound insights into the human experience.

Nurturing the imagination

A still from Howl's Moving Castle
A still from Howl’s Moving Castle (Image via Studio Ghibli)

Ghibli movies encourage viewers to embrace their inner child and cultivate their imagination. Whether it’s the magical creatures in My Neighbor TotoroΒ or the fantastical adventures in Howl’s Moving Castle, these films remind us of the wonder and enchantment that can be found in the world.

Thoughtful Storytelling

Unlike certain works that may prioritize spectacle over substance, Studio Ghibli’s storytelling is thoughtful and thought-provoking. Themes of environmentalism, the human spirit, and the power of love and friendship are recurrent, encouraging audiences to reflect on their own lives.

A legacy of authenticity

One of the most significant distinctions between Studio Ghibli and some contemporary works is authenticity. While some animation studios have embraced computer-generated imagery (CGI) to cut costs and boost efficiency, Ghibli has remained steadfast in its traditional animation techniques. Ghibli’s dedication to hand-drawn animation, even in the digital age, exemplifies its commitment to staying true to its artistic roots. This dedication to the craft ensures that each frame is imbued with the warmth and soul that only traditional animation can provide.

A counter to commercialization

In an era where some studios may succumb to the allure of merchandise and spin-offs, Studio Ghibli has been relatively selective in licensing its characters and themes. This approach reinforces the notion that Ghibli’s primary focus is on the art of storytelling rather than the pursuit of profits.

The beauty of Studio Ghibli’s themes

A still from Howl's Moving Castle
A still from Howl’s Moving Castle (Image via Studio Ghibli)

Studio Ghibli films are known for their beauty, both in terms of their visuals and their themes. They are often praised for their hand-drawn animation, lush landscapes, imaginative character designs, and creative world-building. But it’s not just the visuals that make Studio Ghibli films so special. Their stories are also heartwarming and thought-provoking, often exploring themes of family, friendship, love, loss, and environmentalism.

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Spirited Away (2001)

A still from Spirited Away
A still from Spirited Away (Image via Studio Ghibli)

This film is a visually stunning journey into a magical world. The story follows Chihiro, a young girl who must work in a bathhouse for spirits in order to save her parents. Along the way, she learns to be brave and resourceful, and she makes new friends who help her along the way.

Princess Mononoke (1997)

A still from Princess Mononoke
A still from Princess Mononoke (Image via Studio Ghibli)

This film is a powerful story about the conflict between humans and nature. The story follows Ashitaka, a prince who is cursed by a demon boar. He travels to the west in search of a cure, and he meets a young woman named San who has been raised by wolves. Ashitaka becomes caught in the middle of the conflict between San’s people and the humans who are destroying the forest.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

A still from My Neighbor Totoro
A still from My Neighbor Totoro (Image via Studio Ghibli)

This film is a heartwarming story about two young sisters, Satsuki and Mei, who move to the countryside to be closer to their ailing mother. While exploring their new home, they meet Totoro, a giant forest spirit. Totoro becomes a friend to the sisters, and he helps them to cope with their mother’s illness.

These are just a few examples of the many beautiful Studio Ghibli films. Their films are a testament to the power of animation to tell stories that are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.


In conclusion, Studio Ghibli’s popularity is far from ungrounded. It is rooted in their dedication to creating art through animation, their ability to tell timeless stories that resonate with audiences worldwide, and their unwavering commitment to authenticity. While some animations may come and go, its legacy endures, continuing to captivate and inspire viewers of all ages. So, when asked whether Studio Ghibli’s popularity is ungrounded, the resounding answer is no; it is a testament to the enduring power of artistry and storytelling in the world of animation.

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