Is TenPuru another guilty pleasure?

Is TenPuru another guilty pleasure

TenPuru is a Japanese manga series that has been written and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka. It has been serialized Comic Days, which is Kodansha’s online platform, since 2018. Moreover, an anime TV series adaptation by Gekko premiered in July 2023, consisting of 12 Episodes. The plot explores the idea of loneliness and solitude and examines the workings of the human mind to understand how loneliness operates under different circumstances. These circumstantial operations are relevant to the life of young Akegami, as he explores his daily life through a monastery filled with women.

TenPuru – What is the plot about?

TenPuru explores the life of Akemitsu Akegami, as he decides to spend his life in solitude. But his father is determined to change his mind and tries to convince him that no one can live alone. Akemitsu despises his father and he doesn’t want to become the kind of creep that his father is.

Is TenPuru another guilty pleasure
The manga series – No one can live on Loneliness. (Image credit goes to Kodansha)

But fate had other plans for him and he encounters a young woman with stunning beauty. Left with thoughts that are better suited for H-anime discussions, Akemitsu decides to become a Buddhist monk and denounce all worldly pleasures. Little did he know that this temple is full of women, and so is the young woman.

Is TenPuru a good story to follow or is it just a guilty pleasure?

TenPuru is a decent comedy and it will give you enough laughs to bring out a few tears. But apart from that, it feels like TenPuru is a mix between Love Hina and Grand Blue. The story also majorly focuses on temple rites and the characters are usually determined at saving their temple.

Is TenPuru another guilty pleasure
Akemitsu Akagami. (Image credit goes to Studio Gekkō)
  • Apart from the great ‘personalities’ of the women and Akemitsu’s daily affairs with this lot, the story seems to be a guilty pleasure more than anything else.
  • It is true that the substance in TenPuru is different from other such Ecchi and Harem stories, but it has to be remembered that the plot is neither extraordinary nor complex.
  • It is how it has been presented and it is what you might expect from an Ecchi.

Why should you watch or read TenPuru?

Is TenPuru another guilty pleasure
Kurage Aoba. (Image credit goes to Studio Gekkō)

TenPuru gives us an Ecchi main character who is considerate and supportive. He is a reliable MC and therefore the girls, even the ones who wish to fool around, lean on him for the support they need (pun intended). TenPuru also comes with decent art when we come to the manga, and it isn’t at all disappointing.

The plot is decent, the girls are gorgeous, the MC is a lucky fellow, and the events which unfold might be redacted if we discuss them here. All in all, it is a story you must read or watch if you love Ecchi. Yes, it will be a guilty pleasure but such pleasures often bring out the best laughs and the nastiest thoughts.


TenPuru is a guilty pleasure, but more than that it is a fan favorite. For its art, for its story, and for its characters, TenPuru deserves the love it has received and it definitely deserves to be discussed and explored.

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