Is the Dragon Ball Daima Anime a sequel to Super? Explained

Dragon Ball Super and Daima

The New York Comic Con brought along a surprise for the fans of the Dragon Ball Series. A new anime titled Dragon Ball Daima has been announced along with a teaser trailer. The announcement has made the fans curious sparking a wave of speculations about the upcoming Dragon Ball Daima Anime.

There are all sorts of questions about any potential connection to the much-awaited sequel of Dragon Ball Super to what it will be about. This article will answer these questions for all the interested fans out there. 

Is Dragonball Daima Anime a sequel to Super?

Krillin Dragon Ball Daima
Krillin from the upcoming Dragon Ball Daima anime | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

A simple answer to this question would be a no. The Dragon Ball Daima isn’t a sequel to Super. The fans have been patiently waiting for a sequel to Dragon Ball Super for quite some time. It seems like the wait will continue to go on as the Daima anime will be an original story written by Akira Toriyama. It’s a brand-new story that has not been told before. Hence, it’s not the sequel we’ve been looking forward to. 

We might see the return of some of the villains from Super. For now, that is the extent of the connection between Daima and Super. Although a new anime amidst the wait has garnered mixed reactions from fans around the world. While some fans are hyped about the animation, others are put off by the lackluster concept. 

Dragon Ball Daima Anime Teaser Trailer Breakdown 


The teaser trailer features the journey of Goku since he was a kid till now accompanied with glimpses from the upcoming anime. All the visuals were more than enough to stir the feelings of nostalgia within the fans. Goku and all the other characters from the original series have returned to their kid versions. There’s a sequence where all the seven dragon balls come together. This might be a result of a wish made by the enemies.

The enemies might turn out to be the Demon Supreme Kai. In the teaser, it can be seen that they’re observing Goku and the others. Their attire and appearance are reminiscent of the Demon King.

Dragon Ball Daima Anime
The antagonists in Dragon Ball Daima | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

While a majority of reactions to the animation were vastly positive exuding excitement, some people are particularly skeptical about the chibi-style animation. There’s also a set of fans who are put off by the focus shifting back to the previous generation instead of the current one. 

Everything we know so far

Dragon Ball Daima Anime
A still from the teaser trailer of Dragon Ball Daima | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

Although we hardly have any information regarding the particulars of the story, here’s everything we know so far:

  • Dragon Ball Daima will come out in the Fall of 2024. 
  • The story of Dragon Ball Daima is based in an unknown world, we haven’t seen before.
  • It has been confirmed that Akira Toriyama is actively involved with the series. The mangaka has contributed not just in terms of the story but character designs as well. 
  • Dragon Ball Daima is a part of the 40th anniversary celebration of Dragon Ball.


Goku and Vegeta
Angry Dragon Ball Super fans when they don’t get a sequel | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

Having Goku and his friends go back to their childhood as a 40th-anniversary celebration is a sure way to invoke feelings of nostalgia. Although it would have worked well if we had not already experienced a similar turn of events before. If you’re someone who likes detailed analysis and opinion pieces about different topics of the anime world, check out our newsletter. It comes with mugen possibilities straight from our shinzo’s to yours.

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