Is the Revenge of the Soul Eater manga cancelled?

Is Revenge of the Soul Eater manga cancelled?

Revenge of the Soul Eater, the dark fantasy manga by Atsushi Ohkubo, has had a rocky release history over the past few years. The series first launched in 2017 to positive reviews from fans of Ohkubo’s previous hit Soul Eater. However, after the initial launch and first 10 chapters or so, new chapter releases slowed to a crawl.

By 2019, it had been nearly a year since a new chapter was published. Many fans assumed this meant Revenge of the Soul Eater had been quietly cancelled. It seemed the erratic release schedule had spelled doom for the manga. However, surprisingly in late 2023, new chapters finally began appearing again on manga sites like Mangadex. Fans rejoiced at the return of the series.

Unfortunately, this reprieve was short-lived. After only a handful of new chapters in 2023, the manga once again went on an abrupt hiatus. Now in 2024, it has again been many months since any new chapters have surfaced.

So, what exactly is going on with Revenge of the Soul Eater? Is this much beloved dark fantasy series officially cancelled? Or could it return from the dead once more?

Is the Revenge of the Soul Eater Manga cancelled?

Is Revenge of the Soul Eater manga cancelled?
Revenge of the Soul Eater | Image Courtesy of Atsushi Ohkubo
  • Though there has been no official word yet from the publishers or mangaka Atsushi Ohkubo, it appears that Revenge of the Soul Eater has indeed been cancelled. Mangadex, the only reliable source that was releasing English translations of the chapters, has confirmed the cancellation.

The exact reasons remain unclear, but given the constantly stuttering release schedule over the past few years, it’s obvious the manga was struggling behind the scenes. Ohkubo likely had trouble keeping up with consistent work, or the publishers were dissatisfied with sales.

The manga would go on hiatus for months or even years at a time before new chapters sporadically resumed. But it seems this start-stop process has finally resulted in an indefinite stoppage.

  • There are rumors circulating on Reddit and other sites that Revenge of the Soul Eater was cancelled to make way for the series relaunching under an official English publisher and possibly a new title, but we haven’t been able to verify these sources yet.

Regardless of the reasons, it’s a disappointing end for fans who were deeply invested in the dark fantasy story and wanted to see it through to completion. Ohkubo has not given any indication if or when he might return to wrap up the manga’s hanging plotlines. For now, the Revenge of the Soul Eater saga seems to have come to an unceremonious end.

Where to pick up the Light Novel after the Revenge of the Soul Eater manga?

which light novel chapter to start revenge of the soul eater after the manga
Revenge of the Soul Eater | Image Courtesy of Atsushi Ohkubo

While the Revenge of the Soul Eater manga may be cancelled, fans who want more of the dark fantasy story do have an option – the light novel adaptation. Those who have already read through the available manga chapters can pick up where the story left off by starting with the light novel.

  • The Revenge of the Soul Eater light novel currently has around 214 chapters released and is still ongoing. For manga fans, the best starting point is around Chapter 21. However, we’d recommend going back slightly to Chapter 20 to ease into the light novel’s narrative style.
  • The light novel takes the same premise and characters but has some differences in pacing and perspective. Starting at Chapter 20 allows you to adjust before jumping back into the plot where the manga chapters left off.

The translated light novel chapters release on a weekly schedule, though the releases can still be irregular at times. However, the light novel has avoided the long hiatuses that plagued the manga. For devoted fans, it’s a way to finally experience the full story of Revenge of the Soul Eater.


The on-again, off-again saga of Revenge of the Soul Eater seems to have ultimately ended in cancellation. For fans, it’s a disappointing conclusion after years of following the manga through its erratic release schedule. While there is a small chance the series could return someday, the odds seem slim.

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