Is Zom 100 anime slowly becoming a reflection of MHA? Explained

Zom 100 anime

Zom 100 anime released episode 5 last week on August 13, 2023, after a certain delay in the schedule. However, fans couldn’t help but observe a similarity, or certain similarities, between the ongoing narrative of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead and My Hero Academia.

The episode which brought in a lot of comedy and an intense narrative, also brings a certain kind of inspirational plot which seems to be a reflection of the tropes and plot structures we saw in MHA.

What is the recent observation which connects Zom 100 anime and MHA?

The fifth episode of Zom 100 anime shows how the protagonist Akira fulfills his long-term wish of becoming a hero. This comes as a task he checked from his bucket list, but fans couldn’t help but observe the striking similarities between Zom 100 anime and MHA, the latter which focuses on heroes who are the saviors of a superhuman society.

Deku in MHA is initially introduced as a weak character who later acquires a certain power known as the One for All from his childhood superhero All Might. Fans drew similarities between Zom 100 anime and MHA as they believe that the way Akira has been portrayed in the former is also a similar approach to that of the latter, with little space for any coincidental occurrences.

How are Zom 100 anime and MHA similar in their overall narrative?

Zom 100 anime and MHA are similar in the sense that both of the shows are centered around a character who aspires to become a hero to save people from the various superhuman threats which endanger the idea of peace. Moreover, both of the shows focus on how the protagonist was always a weakling but had strong motivation and desires, which led them to become the savior they aspired to be.

Zom 100 anime
A scene from Zom 100 anime. (Image credit goes to BUG FILMS)

Apart from these general observations, one can also focus on the subtle details. One of the prime examples would be how both of the protagonists in Zom 100 anime and MHA explore their own definitions of a hero in a very gradual and experiential manner.

In a certain scene, Akira jumps in to save Shizuka when she was attacked by a shark zombie, which is very similar to the way Deku jumped in to save Bakugo without any concrete plan. The way their nature has been portrayed is very similar and somewhat complementary.

Will Zom 100 anime and MHA eventually have similar plots at the end?

The way Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead anime is proceeding with the narrative, it seems like a similarity will be eventually drawn with MHA. But, that will be much more intense than just these mere observations which we see now.

One might even accuse Zom 100 has been inspired by MHA. But, to put things into perspective, we have to remember that just because two different plots carry a similar inspirational basis doesn’t make them the same altogether.

Zom 100 anime
Is Zom 100 turning into MHA. (Image credit goes to BUG Films)

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead explores an apocalyptic world, while MHA explores a world of superhumans guided by a conflict between heroes and villains. While MHA is very specific about the heroes and the villains, Zom 100 provides a very rushed narrative that emanates a sense of urgency and anxiety.

Both of the shows explore their similar themes in different manners, which brings us to the point – Zom 100 anime and MHA might have similar tropes at the end but their plots are both uniquely designed and put together.


Zom 100 anime
Zom 100 anime. (Image credit goes to BUG FILMS)

Zom 100 anime is definitely showing similarities with MHA. Many fans and critics are pointing them out, and the internet buzz has certainly elevated with the release of the fifth episode. But, while we are trying to draw these parallels, we also have to remember that we do not lose out on the uniqueness and the variety that both of the shows provide, especially the ongoing Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead.

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