JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s universe reset is peak fiction: A wonderful way to not kill a story

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's universe reset is peak fiction A wonderful way to not kill a story

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of those franchises that is considered peak fiction within the anime and manga community. Living the fame alongside big names such as Berserk and One Piece, this franchise had a unique way of continuing its story. Having a different answer to the question of a drawn-out story like itself, it brought in a universe reset that changed everything we knew about it.

In this article, I will discuss why resetting its universe was the best decision made by Araki to continue his story further. Stay updated with deep analysis of anime content by subscribing to Spiel Anime’s Newsletter, which brings in-depth understandings to your fingertips twice a week!!

Johnathan Joestar
Johnathan Joestar | Courtesy of David Production

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s is a tale of the Joestar family as they battle supernatural entities throughout their lineage. It starts with Jonathan Joestar when his step-brother, Dio Brando, adorns a mask that makes him a vampire. Following their footsteps, comes his son, Joseph Joestar who fights a godly primordial being. The saga continues with his son, Jotaro Kujou, who fights the resurrected Dio.

Jotaro Kujou
Jotaro Kujou | Courtesy of David Production

This continues on with their descendants, ending with Jotaro’s daughter Jolyne Kujou, where due to certain individual’s stand ability, the entire universe is reset to the beginning of the story, to Jonathan Joestar, who is now known as Johnny Joestar. This reset served multiple purposes and can be considered one of the most brilliant written pieces of fiction from Araki.

Why the universe reset is considered a genius move?

Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar | Courtesy of David Production

Resetting the universe in Part VI of the JoJo’s saga allowed Araki Hirohiko to continue his most popular work without the series succumbing to the curse of repetition. Here’s how:

  • Resetting the universe resets everything, which means all our favorite characters are brought back to square 1. For some, this is sad news, but for many, this means that we’ll be able to see our favorite characters in a new light and in new circumstances.
  • This is the equivalent of a Fan’s Alternate Universe getting a green light from the author itself. Many of the villains, for whom the fans wanted a different ending and even wanted them to be on the good side, now get the chance to have that position.
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar | Courtesy of Araki Hirohiko
  • Resetting the universe also allows Araki to bring out new stories, which were limited by the strict condition of the previous Joestar lineage. Although the premise is the same, Araki now has more flexibility in making relations and interactions within the characters.
  • This also allows the avid Araki fans to experience more of his music taste, as everyone in the community knows that JoJo’s is just his way of sharing his music playlist.

These reasons alone make it the perfect way to continue a long-running series, one which was nearing to the curse of repetition. By doing this, Araki opened his doors for brand new stories with fan favorite characters. The iconic elements such as the Joestar name, the Star birthmark, and the Zeppeli family were kept intact, however, much more had been changed besides them.


Josuke Higashita
Josuke Higashita | Courtesy of Araki Hirohiko

This is a wonderful tactic used by Araki to broaden his story and continue the saga of the Joestar Family that everyone in the community so adoringly loves. This is something many mangaka can learn, however, although a perfect example, executing a similar level of success falls entirely on the skills of the mangaka.

This is another way for Araki to flex his greatness. No wonder, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has reigned supreme in the hearts of its fans.

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