Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Arc: Will we see Todo in action?

Aoi Todo

With the Inventory Arc over, what awaits fans is the most devastating arc of the series. Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Arc is a phenomenal piece of art. From battle match-ups to story-telling, it has it all. The trailer confirmed our reunion with our favorite characters, yet our iconic “Besto Firendo” Todo was nowhere to be seen. Will we see him in Shibuya?

Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Arc

Gojou’s Six Eyes has been an obstacle in Kenjaku’s mission. Having failed to kill him, Kenjaku decides to seal him away. Allying with the unregistered Special Grade Curse Spirits group under Mahito, they move forward with their plan. Their preparation forms the first few arcs of the series, where they try to bolster their numbers by recruiting curse users and acquiring cursed objects.

After finalizing, they cast a 400-meter-wide curtain that traps the non-sorcerers. They can enter but not exit. No such restriction is implied on the sorcerers. They hold civilians hostage and demand Gojou Satoru in exchange. The higher-ups send him alone to reduce any casualties. However, they sent in 4 teams to safeguard the perimeter.

Shibuya in Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Arc
Shibuya | Courtesy of MAPPA Studios

The Shibuya Incident is the worst jujutsu incident in human history, surpassing even the Night Parade of the Thousand Demons.

Is Todo strong enough to be in Shibuya?

Aoi Todo is a 3rd Year in Jujutsu High. He is ranked as a Grade 1 sorcerer. While coming from a non-sorcerer family, he is revered as one of the Strongest Jujutsu High students, standing alongside Yuta Okkotsu.

Boogie Woogie
[Boogie Woogie] | Courtesy of MAPPA Studios
He has a record of defeating 5 Grade 1 curse spirits without using his curse technique and a Special Grade with his curse technique. This became such a testament to his strength that a rumor, of him defeating 6 curses without his curse technique, spread like wildfire.

  • He has incredible physical prowess, rivaling even Yuji.
  • He has great tactical and strategic prowess, enabling him to fight efficiently against foes far stronger than him.
  • He is a master of close combat, preferring hand-to-hand combat over anything else.
  • He has a high degree of curse energy output.
  • He can use Black Flash.
  • He uses a Binding Vow [Revealing One’s Hand] to increase the effectiveness of his curse technique while misleading his opponents.
  • He can cast Simple Domain that neutralizes and counter all curse techniques in a set area.
  • His curse technique [Boogie Woogie] allows him to switch places with/of anything/anyone with curse energy with the clap of his hands.
  • He has a Special Grade Cursed Tool [Playful Cloud], which allows him to dish out tremendous offense.

[Playful Cloud]
Aoi with [Playful Cloud] | Courtesy of MAPPA Studios
[Disclaimer: The following section contains spoilers]

Is he back in Action?

Todo makes a surprising comeback to the series. Right when all hope seems lost, he comes dashing in. True to his personality, he brings Yuji back to sense. This is the moment when Jujutsu Kaisen went back to Jump Kaisen. Exactly how Yuji and Nanami jumped Mahito at Satozakura High, Todo and Yuji jumped Mahito.

120% of their Potential
Yuji and Todo vs. Mahito | Courtesy of Viz Media

The fight is sensational, with both parties fighting at 120% of their potential. From Black Flash to brilliant executions of Curse Techniques, the fight’s explosive choreography made each moment a delight. The fight pushed the three of them to their utmost limit, surpassing what they believed earlier to be their best.

Mahito had the upper hand against Yuji by taking Nobara out of the equation. But the tables were turned against Mahito once Todo joined in. His entry allowed Yuji to gain the upper hand in the fight. Mahito tried all he could to remove Todo. Yet, as flabbergasting his taste, Todo was unrelenting to leave.

The fight ended with a technical win for Yuji and Todo. 


[Translation: I love you Aoi Todo, thank you for loving Itadori so much]

Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Arc is releasing next week and fans need to stack up on tissues. We will be meeting many of our favorite characters as shown in the trailer; like Nanami, Panda, Maki, Inumaki, Mei Mei, etc. But fret not, our beloved senior Aoi Todo will be there entertaining us even if he did not feature in the trailer.

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