Jujutsu Kaisen x Attack on Titan – How are Yuji and Eren similar?

Jujutsu Kaisen x Attack on Titan - How are Yuji and Eren similar

In the history of anime, two shows will always be remembered for their remarkable storyline and for making their fans cry every step of the way. Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan are two of the most prominent anime shows without and doubt and both of them are intensely packed with hardcore action, heartbreaking twists, and the infamous trope of the protagonist turning into the antagonist. Both the anime shows have managed to get their fandoms in a chokehold with their gut-wrenching plot and philosophical narratives!

In this article, we will be taking a look into how the two protagonists, Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan and Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen are similar to each other, in more ways than one.

The convergence of tragedy and revenge in Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan’s protagonist, Eren Yeager, is well-known for his tragic path, which was driven by a hateful and vindictive passion. He witnessed and experienced the deaths of his family, friends, and everyone close to him, and he even saw his mother die in front of his eyes. This turned him cold, spiteful, and hell-bent on eradicating the Titans from the face of the world.

  • However, in a dramatic turn of events, Eren himself turns into the main antagonist of the series.
  • He further moves on to uncover the deep mysteries and the unending conflicts of humankind, while understanding the true nature of humans.
  • He becomes spiteful and abhorrent towards humanity and unleashes hell in the form of a war on humanity.
Jujutsu Kaisen x Attack on Titan - How are Yuji and Eren similar
Eren Yeager. (Image credit goes to IMDb)

On the other hand, Yuji Itadori, a normal student, becomes the most wanted by all the curses and curse users because he chose to eat a disgusting-looking finger that belonged to the King of Curses. Although the whole story of him eating the finger is not as trivial as it sounds, it does turn his life upside down.

  • Itadori becomes the vessel that holds the King of Curses – Sukuna within his body and this puts him in the most comically dramatic position of being the protagonist and the antagonist at the same time.
  • The story of Jujutsu Kaisen is also equally devastating and Yuji’s character is also a victim of the narrative and carries the trauma of the entire show on his shoulders.

How is Yuji’s gradual transformation similar to that of Eren Yeager’s journey of becoming the antagonist?

Both Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan examine fundamental questions of life and survival. They delve into their characters’ deeply embedded anxieties, insecurities, and existential conflicts. While the world’s balance is threatened by cursed spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen, mankind confronts Titans in Attack on Titan.

Both series investigate how humans can endure in the face of adversity. The main protagonists of the two shows, Yuji Itadori and Eren Yeager deal with trauma, loss, and grief throughout the story and this in turn leads them to make the decisions they make.

Jujutsu Kaisen x Attack on Titan - How are Yuji and Eren similar
Sukuna in Yuji’s body. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)
  • As the story of Jujutsu Kaisen unfolds, we get to witness how Itadori’s life and the story’s narrative take a dramatic turn, releasing Sukuna and becoming the catalyst for chaos in the plot.
  • As the narrative progresses, Chapter 243 marks a watershed moment with Kenjaku’s apparent defeat by decapitation, accompanied by enigmatic speech implying the inheritance of goals and will.

According to a popular idea, Yuji, the main character, plays a crucial role in the events that take place and could even be the key that unlocks Kenjaku’s ambitions. One popular theory holds that Kenjaku revealed to be Yuji’s mother, may have carried out an experiment, using the latter as a vessel for the reincarnation of his goals. This also parallels Eren’s transformation from a hero to a villain after inheriting memories from his father in Attack on Titan.

How are Yuji Itadori and Eren Yeager similar in their cores and principles?

Yuji has been through a lot throughout the story and in the name of his character development he witnessed the death of almost all his mentors. Yuji is empathetic and he cares for the humans deeply, but even then, during the Shibuya Incident, he was responsible for almost obliterating an entire city and Sukuna was let loose.

Even though Yuji in his conscious mind not responsible for the devastating amount of human lives lost during the Shibuya Incident, he does act as the vessel which is why he carries the baggage of those deaths as well.

Jujutsu Kaisen x Attack on Titan - How are Yuji and Eren similar
Yuji Itadori. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

On the other hand, Eren caused the rumbling killing thousands of people, and became the main antagonist of the story. His trauma of losing everyone close to him, and the conflicts of humankind made him lose his humanity.

The two characters are similar in terms of their painful backstory and how their pain leads them to change fundamentally. Both Yuji and Erem despite being so different are similar when we look at how the narrative slips away from their hands, reducing their experiences and painting them as the vessel of the anta+gonist and the antagonist himself.


Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan are two shows that are entirely different plot-wise but the protagonists – Yuji and Eren have certain similarities that are worth noticing. As beautifully crafted as these stories are, they make us question the very existence of good and evil and how we interpret them. For more anime updates, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter at Spiel Anime!

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