Shonen Jump goes mobile: JUMP Assemble offers 5v5 MOBA battles with shonen characters

All the Shonen champions in the JUMP Assemble game

Just when you thought that the Weekly Shonen Jump world is limited to the printed Manga, it is about to take a thrilling turn towards online competition.

DeNA, in collaboration with Shueisha, is developing JUMP Assemble, a new mobile game that pits iconic characters from the legendary magazine against each other in strategic 5v5 battles.

The MOBA arena awaits

JUMP Assemble Visual Poster
A still from JUMP Assemble (Image via Jump Shueisha)

JUMP: Assemble departs from traditional single-player adventures and embraces the fast-paced, action-packed world of MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Players will team up with four others, forming a formidable squad to strategically outmaneuver and overpower another team of five in a designated battlefield.

A roster of Shonen legends

All the Shonen champions in the JUMP Assemble game
All the Shonen champions in the JUMP Assemble game (Image via Jump Shueisha)

The true excitement lies in the characters. JUMP: Assemble boasts a playable roster overflowing with heroes adored by Shonen Jump readers. As of now, characters from the following series are confirmed to be playable:

But that’s not all! The developers have promised to continuously add more characters and series from JUMP Shonen, which will keep the game ever-expanding with updates.

Distinct from Jump Force

Jump Force Visual featuring Naruto, Luffy, and Goku
A still from JUMP Force (Image via Bandai Namco Co.)

While fans might draw comparisons to the 2019 title Jump Force, it’s important to note that JUMP: Assemble is a separate project altogether. Jump Force focused on 3D arena fighting, whereas JUMP: Assemble prioritizes the strategic depth and rapid action characteristic of the MOBA genre.

The Beauty of MOBa in JUMP Assemble

JUMP Assemble game Gameplay
JUMP Assemble game Gameplay (Image via Jump Shueisha)

Several factors contribute to JUMP: Assemble’s potential to become a must-play for Shonen Jump enthusiasts:

  • Unprecedented crossover battles: With characters from the most popular Shonen will lead to infinite possibilities of crossover battles. Witnessing Luffy and Naruto strategize alongside each other, or Goku clashing with Tanjiro – JUMP: Assemble allows players to create these epic scenarios and create unlimited combo attacks.
  • Intuitive yet strategic gameplay: MOBAs can often have a steep learning curve, but JUMP Assemble aims to be accessible for players of all skill levels The core controls are designed for ease of use, while mastering each character’s unique abilities will require practice and strategic thinking.
  • Ever-growing roster: The commitment to adding new characters and series ensures a continuously evolving experience. So the players can always have a fresh content to discover, which will keep the boredom of repetitive action out of the game and make the gameplay long-lasting.
  • The Shonen Jump spirit: Unlike other MOBA Games, JUMP Assemble is ideal for Shonen fans since they are already familiar with most of the characters and their power building. From faithfully recreated character designs and using their powers in action, JUMP Assemble will indefinitely capture the spirit of Shonen Jump.

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A global gaming phenomenon

Interface for Itadori Yuji ingame of the JUMP Assemble game
Interface of the JUMP Assemble game (Image via Jump Shueisha)

The initial launch will focus on Southeast Asia and East Asia (excluding Japan). However, JUMP: Assemble has the potential to become a global phenomenon. The pre-launch for JUMP Assemble began on March 28th in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, and is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. Pre-orders are currently being accepted. The game has also been featured as “App Store Today” and received a recommendation on Google Play!

Special offer for magazine readers

As a special bonus for readers of participating magazines, a voucher for one free reading session within the game is available! To redeem this offer, simply enter the following serial code upon reaching level 10 or higher:

Serial Code:

  • App Store: APPSTORE0328
  • Google Play: GOOGLEPLAY0328

Expiration Date: April 3rd, 2024 (Wednesday), 11:59 PM PST

Future announcements

As the release date has arrived, players can anticipate further information regarding JUMP: Assemble. New character reveals, detailed gameplay mechanics, and potential pre-registration opportunities are likely to be revealed in the coming months. This is a title Shonen Jump fans won’t want to miss, till then, Adios!

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