One Piece: What is the Lunarian Bloodline and how strong is King?

One Piece what is The Lunarian Bloodline and how strong is King

The world of One Piece is populated with a wide array of intriguing species and races with unique and bizarre characteristics. One of the most recently introduced races is the people of the Lunarian Bloodline. During the events of the Zoro vs King fight, it was revealed that King himself was a Lunarian.

Now after this revelation, fans have been wondering. What is The Lunarian Bloodline and how strong is King?

The Lunarian Bloodline


Lunarians are quite similar to normal humans but are characterized by their white hair, brown skin, a pair of large black feathery wings, and the distinct fire that burns behind their upper backs. King in particular stands at a whopping height of 20 feet. However, it could be an individual trait as overblown sizes and proportions aren’t new to One Piece.

Whitebeard once mentioned that there used to live a tribe of ‘Gods‘, on the top of the Red Line, which could’ve been the Lunarians. However, due to reasons unrevealed, the Lunarians have gone almost extinct, with King being the only known survivor.

The government is actively hunting down Lunarians across the world and is willing to reward anyone with just a tip about a Lunarian’s whereabouts, a sum of 100,000,000 Berries.

King The Wildfire

One Piece what is The Lunarian Bloodline and how strong is King
King, Courtesy of Toei Animation

King, formerly known as Alber, was imprisoned in Punk Hazard when Kaidou found him. The government was experimenting with his durability, attempting to test his Lunarian abilities and extract his Lineage Factor.

At some point, Kaido infiltrated Punk Hazard and saved Alber. This instilled a sense of loyalty and admiration towards Kaidou within Alber. He accepted Kaido’s offer to join him as his right-hand man and vowed to never lose until Kaido becomes the Pirate King, taking up the name “King”.

King goes on to become the strongest Lead Performer of the Animal Kingdom Pirates, earning the spot of the Second Strongest of the entire crew. He also strongly believes that Kaido is capable of changing the world and that he is the true incarnation of Joy Boy.

Powers and Abilities


As a Lunarian, King’s abilities are far superior to that of a normal human. He boasts a vast variety of skills that make him a true force to be reckoned with, making him the most dangerous threat in Onigashima after Kaido.

  • Fire Manipulation: King can freely control and manipulate the fire that burns on his back, turning them into all kinds of blazing contraptions and constructs from flamethrowers to explosions.
  • Flight: His wings allow him to fly, and additionally, his Devil Fruit allows him to fly far faster, blitzing his enemies on several occasions.
  • Swordsmanship: King has shown to be an excellent swordsman, and was able to casually keep up with Zoro’s strongest strikes. He could also imbue his blade with his flames, massively increasing its lethal potency and capacity for destruction.
  • Lunarian Durability: The Lunarian physiology allows for incredible physical durability and resilience, shown to resist the strongest of cuts, cleaves, falls, crashes, and bludgeonings. This durability temporarily diminishes when the flames on his back go out, in exchange for speed.
  • Devil Fruit: King ate the Zoan-type Devil Fruit, the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon, allowing him to transform into a Pteranodon capable of flying at a phenomenal speed at will and its hybrid form if required.
  • Haki: King also is shown to be proficient with both the Color of Arms and Color of Observation, and was able to tank countless attacks from Zoro and multiple others, simultaneously showcasing amazing levels of reaction speeds, from the start of the raid.

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