Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13- Release Date, Where to Watch and What to Expect from the Finale

kanki in Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13

The highly anticipated finale of Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13 is upon us, and the fate of the Warring States period hangs in the balance. This two-part finale will culminate in the epic conclusion of the brutal Battle of Black Yangqiu, a pivotal clash that will redefine the power dynamics in China.

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Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13: The Battle of Black Yangqiu

The highly anticipated conclusion to Season 5, encompassing episodes 12 and 13, is set to air on Saturday, March 30th, 2024 (internationally) with subtitles available on Crunchyroll. This season has captivated viewers with the brutal and strategic warfare of the Warring States period. The Battle of Black Yangqiu, a crucial turning point in Qin’s quest for unification, has been the central focus.

Where and When to Watch Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13

rai do in Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13
Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13 Cut | Image courtesy of Studio Signpost

For viewers outside of Japan, Saturday, March 30th, 2024 marks the international premiere date for episodes 12 and 13. Crunchyroll, the official streaming platform for Kingdom with subtitles, will deliver the action-packed conclusion simultaneously to global audiences at 3:00 PM GMT / 10:00 AM PT. In Japan, the episodes will air on NHK BS Premium and NHK General TV on the same date.

Here are some more streaming options to watch Season 5 of Kingdom, depending on the availability of your location-

  • Netflix: Kingdom is also available on Netflix in select regions. While not always simulcast with Japan, Netflix often adds new episodes shortly after their initial airing. Check your local Netflix library for availability and release dates.
  • Funimation: Funimation offers a vast library of anime and may include Kingdom Season 5 depending on your region. Availability and simulcast schedules can vary, so check your local Funimation library for details.

Kingdom Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

ou sen wang yi in Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13
Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13 Cut | Image courtesy of Studio Signpost

Episode 11, titled “Bihei and the Hi Shin Unit,” served as a crucial turning point within the narrative. The episode addressed the internal conflict that threatened to tear the Hi Shin Unit apart after Bihei’s expulsion. However, Shin’s heartfelt plea for unity resonated deeply with Bihei, culminating in his emotional and tearful return. This powerful moment solidified the unwavering bonds within the Hi Shin Unit as they prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead.

The following sections contain spoilers regarding the upcoming episodes. Please proceed with caution if you don’t wish to get spoiled. 

Kingdom Season 5 Episode 12 Preview

cohorts in Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13
Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13 Cut | Image courtesy of Studio Signpost

Brace yourselves, for episode 12, titled “Nightfall of Victory and Loss,” promises a dramatic shift in the battle’s momentum.

  • The episode will likely shift its focus to the central hill, a strategically significant location that has been fiercely contested throughout the battle. With most of Kanki’s forces seemingly withdrawn from the area, the pressure falls upon the valiant Hi Shin Unit. This elite unit, known for its unconventional tactics and unwavering morale, will face the daunting task of capturing the central hill single-handedly.

  • While the withdrawal of Kanki’s forces might appear like a tactical retreat, it’s more likely a calculated move by this unorthodox general. We can expect to see a daring strategic maneuver unfold, potentially involving Kanki and the cunning Saki clan. This maneuver could involve flanking the Zhao forces or creating a diversion, allowing the Hi Shin Unit to seize the crucial central hill.

zheng ying in Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13
Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13 Cut | Image courtesy of Studio Signpost
  • Another crucial element in this episode will be the actions of Kisui, the Zhao commander stationed at Rigan. Torn between his duty to defend Rigan and his understanding of the broader Zhao strategy, Kisui faces a difficult decision. Will he heed Kinmou’s warnings and prioritize the larger battle plan, or will he return to defend Rigan, potentially jeopardizing the entire Zhao defense?

  • Seizing the opportune moment created by Kisui’s actions, Kanki’s hidden forces will likely launch a surprise attack. This attack, combined with the Hi Shin Unit’s unwavering assault on the central hill, could turn the tide of the battle in Qin’s favor. We might witness the Zenou clan, known for their ferocious fighting style, joining the fray alongside the Hi Shin Unit, creating a formidable combined force against the Zhao.

  •  The episode might conclude with a dramatic scene depicting the Zhao forces retreating from the central hill. This retreat would signify a significant victory for the Qin army in the Battle of Black Yangqiu, marking a major turning point in the Warring States period.

Kingdom Season 5 Episode 13 (Final Episode) Preview

koku ou in Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13
Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13 Cut | Image courtesy of Studio Signpost

The final episode, titled “Saizawa’s Pride,” takes us beyond the immediate battlefield and delves into the complex political landscape of the era. Beware of spoilers from this point onwards. 

  • In the wake of the Battle of Black Yangqiu, the Qin Kingdom will likely remain cautious, carefully monitoring the movements and strategies of neighboring states. The episode might showcase the tension and uncertainty that linger despite their apparent victory.

  • A pivotal aspect of the episode will be the return of Cai Ze, a high-ranking Qin official, to the Qin capital Xianyang. Cai Ze won’t be alone; he’ll be accompanied by representatives from both Qi and Zhao. This diplomatic mission hints at potential negotiations or alliances forming in the aftermath of the battle.

  • The episode will likely culminate in a highly anticipated meeting between the young and ambitious King Yingzheng of Qin and the King of Qi. Their differing philosophies regarding unification and the future of China will be a central point of discussion. Yingzheng, fuelled by his desire to unify China, might attempt to leverage Qin’s recent victory to secure an alliance with Qi. However, the King of Qi, wary of Qin’s growing power, might reject such advances. This meeting could set the stage for future conflicts and alliances that will shape the destiny of China.

Kingdom Season 5 Finale

ou ken in Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13
Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13 Cut | Image courtesy of Studio Signpost

The epic conclusion of the Battle of Black Yangqiu and the political machinations that follow promise an unforgettable finale to Kingdom Season 5. This two-part episode will not only showcase the strategic brilliance and valiant efforts of the warriors on the battlefield but also delve into the complex political landscape of the Warring States period. Will the Qin kingdom be one step closer to achieving its dream of unification? What alliances will emerge, and what challenges will they face on the path to a unified China?

The Historical Significance of the Anime

he liao diao in Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13
Kingdom Season 5 Episodes 12 and 13 Cut | Image courtesy of Studio Signpost

Kingdom, based on the real-life events of the Warring States period, offers viewers a glimpse into a fascinating and brutal era in Chinese history. The Battle of Black Yangqiu, though not a precisely documented historical event, is believed to be a fictionalized portrayal of a series of battles that occurred in the region during this period. The strategic maneuvers, political maneuvering, and sheer scale of the warfare depicted in Kingdom provide a compelling backdrop for the narrative and resonate with the historical context.

Opinions on the Finale

Kingdom has consistently been one of the most well-put and executed story in the community. Not only is it riddled with mysteries, it has also kept an intricate world-building perspective on its cast, allowing the story to grow deep with each new stride. With the finale at its seems, there’s not much to say about it, but just the fact that expectations are near high on this one.

As we eagerly await the finale, what are your predictions for the outcome of the Battle of Black Yangqiu? Share your theories in the comment section down below with fellow fans as we prepare to witness the culmination of Kingdom Season 5.

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