Kingdoms of Ruin: Where can you watch it?

Kingdoms of Ruin

Latest in the long line of revenge anime line-up, Kingdoms of Ruin brings together magic and science in a twist of fate. With the success of Redo of the Healer, the revenge troupe seems to hold promise in the community. Fans are excited and expect a good yield from this show. Premiering recently as a Fall 2023 anime, here’s where you can watch it.


Kingdoms of Ruin – What is it about?

With the help of witches, humanity strived through hard times and flourished as a civilization. Using the power of magic, they have progressed to untold lengths. Yet, when the dawn of science came upon mankind, magic and witches became obsolete. As history repeats itself, the Redia Empire goes on a crusade to liberate humanity from the shackles of magic.

Mural of Witches and Humans under God
Witches and Humans | Courtesy of Yokohama Animation Lab

During the Crusades, countless witches were exterminated. Adonis, the protagonist, was an apprentice to a witch. He loses her on one such crusade, pushing him to seek vengeance on those who were responsible.

The show contains very mature themes and would not be suitable for someone with a light heart. It is mostly because revenge brings out the ugliest side of humans. The show has heavy depictions of rape, sexual assault, and physical assault. The show is a good example of how not to implement progress.

Witches being hanged
The result of the Crusade | Courtesy of Yokohama Animation Lab

The show has a good cast:

  • Adonis as Ishikawa Kaito
  • Doroka as Waki Azumi
  • Chloe as Shiraishi Ryouko
  • Shirousagi as Taniyama Kishou
  • Yamato as Hino Satoshi
  • Yuki as Toono Hikaru

The show is being directed by Keitarou Motonaga, who has also directed Date A Live. The opening and ending songs have been revealed – “Kieru Made” by Hana Hope and “Prayer” by Who-ya Extended, respectively. The staff has some pretty famous personalities in the industry. The music will be composed by Miki Sakurai, Shuu Kanematsu, and Hanae Nakamura. Takamitsu Kouno will be handling the character designs.

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Where can you watch it?

Adonis using Magic
Adonis using Magic | Courtesy of Yokohama Animation Lab

The show is released every Friday at 16:53 GMT. It will be released worldwide in the following time:

  • On Friday at 9:53 – Pacific Daylight Time
  • On Friday at 12:53 – Eastern Daylight Time
  • On Friday at 17:53 – British Summer Time
  • On Friday at 22:23 – Indian Standard Time
  • On Saturday at 1:53 – Japan Standard Time

In Japan, MBS is the official network broadcasting Kingdoms of Ruin. The show will be streamed officially on Crunchyroll and IMDb. You can legally watch it here. The show will be available in the following regions: North America, South America, Central America, Oceania, and Europe.

Episode 1 – Fans Review

So far, the show has received good responses from the community. Commented as being corny and edgy, the fans have remarked that they awaited such a show, as it has acted as a breath of fresh air for them. However, it has also been noted that the pacing for the first episode was all over the place, and they expect it to be fixed in the next coming episodes.

Berserk Adonis
Adonis’s Rage | Courtesy of Yokohama Animation Lab

The dark premise of the story has made countless members of the community happy. There are very less shows that can carry out a dark premise well, and the fans expect this to be one of them. Fans have already become addicted to Adonis’s merciless motivation and have been cheering him from the other side of the screen.

As the roster for Fall 2023 unfolds, this show will potentially be one of the unique plots of the season. Episode 1 had everyone brimming with expectations for the next to come.

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