Kunigami’s role in Blue Lock chapter 254 : Is Rensuke Kunigami already on par with Noel Noa in Blue Lock?

Rensuke Kunigami in Blue Lock Chapter 254

A few chapters ago in Blue Lock, it was revealed that Rensuke Kunigami is slowly showing results of the training or torture he underwent to return as a wildcard. The goal of the training was to create another Noel Noa.  Anri revealed that at his age, Kunigami’s results are unbelievably impressive. Does that mean he’s already on the same level as Noel Noa in terms of proportional strength?

Additionally, Noa has a special role in mind for Kunigami in the match against PXG as he asked Kunigami to restrain Shidou. Here’s a comparison between Kunigami and Noa to find out what the future looks like for Kunigami. 

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A comparison between Noel Noa and Rensuke Kunigami

Kunigami will team up with Hiori and Isagi in Blue Lock Chapter 254
Kunigami in the match against Ubers | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

At present Noel Noa is the best striker with young players like Julian Loki aspiring to surpass him. He plays forward and is ambidextrous which allows him to be flexible on the field. Being ambidextrous also gives him an edge over the others physically as he can not only shoot with both legs but also dribble and pass with them. Among his other abilities, his phenomenal dribbling and powerful shots stand out. 

Kunigami is superior to almost all the characters in Blue Lock in terms of physical strength and physique. His shooting range is extremely impressive as he can shoot from varying ranges with great accuracy. The wildcard program has helped him become ambidextrous and he can use both his feet on the field to lead the ball as he pleases. Although his dominant leg is still more efficient on the field. 

Noel Noa strategizing for Bastard Munchen vs. PXG
Noel Noa strategizing with his team | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

While Kunigami’s skills fall under the same bracket as Noel Noa, Noa has spent a long time on the field. He has gotten where he is by practicing his skills with players who were as strong or even better than him. Kunigami is still figuring out his playing style. He has undergone a great transition from being an idealistic player to Ego’s pawn. This might also be the reason behind his underwhelming performance. Even in terms of proportional strength, Kunigami is far behind Noel Noa. Either he needs to forge his own path or completely give in to the expectations of others. 

Ego’s words and Kunigami’s role in Blue Lock Chapter 254

Ego and Kunigami in Blue Lock Manga
Ego during Kunigami’s medical check-up | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Shidou likes to create chaos on the field irrespective of the consequences of his actions. Despite the chaotic flair, he is a monster. That is why when he found a perfect companion in Charles, everyone was alarmed. The situation pushed Noel Noa to ask Kunigami to restrain Shidou. Kunigami’s performance has been lackluster but he might gear up as he’s facing the reason he was sent to the wildcard program. Ego’s words to him about forgetting his ego defy the model of Blue Lock that embraces originality.

To compete in the race of the best strikes, Kunigami needs to find his hunger and drive that helped him train his way through the wildcard program. 

Facing Shidou and playing with Isagi might turn him back to his original self with more experience of the football world. With that, it’s fair to expect a comeback of the superhero Kunigami. We might even get a flashback and a goal from Kunigami. Blue Lock chapter 254 will kick off his new journey alongside Isagi and Hiori. 


Kunigami and Chigiri during the second selections in Blue Lock Manga
Kunigami and Chigiri during the second selections | Image Courtesy of Kodansha USA

Fans were concerned that Shidou would remain out of focus as he had already scored his share of goals. Their worries as well as the prayers of Kunigami fans have been heard as Kunigami and Shidou spar in Blue Lock Chapter 254 and the results are bound to show in the subsequent chapters of the manga

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