Liar Liar: Is Noa the holder of the Green Star?

Himeji, Shinohara and Akabane

The world of Liar Liar is dictated through games. The more games you win, the more stars you receive, determining your position. However, with each power system, we know that there are things that do not adhere to it. Such is the nature of the Unique stars, that provide their holders with unique abilities. Shinohara Hiroto has already met two holders of Unique Stars, will Akizuki Noa be the next holder of the Unique Star?

Who is Akizuki Noa?

Akizuki Noa is Shinohara’s senior at Eimei Academy. She is one of the only 6 stars of the academy, also known as the Little Devil. She has an attractive and cute appearance. She hides her scheming plans behind her innocent face and manipulates the other students to the best of her motives.

What are Unique Stars?

Unique Stars are coloured stars that provide their holders with their special abilities. Only three stars have been revealed in the anime series.

Shinohara vs Saraasa
Shinohara vs Saraasa (Courtesy of Geek Toys)
  • The Red Star: It allows its users to lie about one thing about themselves. Its previous user was Akabane Rina and is currently equipped by Shinohara Hiroto.
  • The Indigo Star: It allows its user to adorn themselves with special effects. Its previous user was Kugasaki Seiran and is currently equipped by Shinohara Hiroto.
  • The Green Star: It allows its user to affect the perception of others, and also provides another ability catered to its user. Its current user is unknown.

Why might Noa have the Green Star?

Toward the end of Episode 4, when Shirayuki Himeji goes out to buy sauce for her dish, she is intercepted by Noa. Shinohara receives a call from Noa where Himeji declares that she won’t lose the game to him. This is totally out of character for Himeji. The battle between Shinohara and Shirayuki was also staged due to circumstances which were clearly Noa’s work.

The green star is known to have an effect that affects the perceptions of others. This can clearly be seen as Himeji refused to lose to Shinohara after meeting Noa. Noa was also invisible on the map when Shinohara was suddenly surrounded by his classmates. This appears to be another one of the effects of the green star.

Its impact in Liar Liar

If Noa turns out to be the holder of the green star, it would appear that she has aligned herself with the parties that are trying to disrupt the All-Campus Elimination Battle. It would also mean that she was the one who stole the green star from the academy.

This could result in some strict punishment for her, however, it would probably not result in expulsion. Since the All-Campus Elimination Battle, Inter-Academy Contest, and all battles, in general, happen to increase each academy’s number of students that have a high number of stars, the Eimei Academy cannot afford to lose one of their three 6 stars students.



There is a very high chance of Shizuki Noa being the holder of the green star. Considering how she has appeared in the story and the abilities she has displayed so far, it would be shocking for the reveal to not be her. The story has slowly unveiled its true plot flow of gathering all the Seven Unique Stars, and Shizuki Noa’s character seems the perfect fit for a star that alters perceptions.


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