Will Hinata meet Little Giant in Haikyuu movies?

Karasuno team from Haikyuu anime

All Haikyuu!! fans know about the “Little Giant” – that mysterious shortie who could defy physics and crush it on the court despite his tiny stature. For Hinata Shoyo, catching a glimpse of this legend in action was absolutely mind-blowing. Seeing the Little Giant’s killer skills and spirit was the spark that ignited Shoyo’s burning passion for volleyball and set him on the crazy journey fans have been following all this time.

But now that the series is wrapping up with the movies, here’s the big question that’s got us holding our breath: will we finally get to meet the Little Giant in Haikyuu movies? If the series ends without ever revealing the true identity of the legendary “Tiny Giant,” it’d seriously undercut one of the most important narrative through-lines.

This article contains major spoilers for the upcoming Haikyuu movies covering the final manga arc. The identity of the legendary Little Giant who inspired Hinata Shoyo could finally be revealed after years of mystery. Stop reading now if you want to go into the films completely unspoiled!

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Will Hinata meet Little Giant in Haikyuu The movie: The Battle at The Garbage?

Shoyo Hinata in Haikyuu Season 4 episode 1
Shoyo Hinata (Image courtesy of Production I.G.)

The first movie installment, Haikyuu!! The Movie: The Battle at The Garbage, covers chapters 294 to 324 of the original manga. This includes the intense “Battle at the Trash Heap” match pitting Karasuno against Nekoma – a showdown of “talons against claws” featuring three generations of players from both powerhouse schools.

  • However, the legendary Little Giant doesn’t make an appearance until much later in the manga’s run at chapter 338. So, fans hoping to finally meet Hinata’s idol will have to wait until the second movie.
  • The long-awaited meeting between Hinata and the Little Giant is expected to take place during Karasuno’s match against Kamomedai High in the final stages of the story.

What does Little Giant in Haikyuu mean anyways?

Shoyo Hinata Little Giant in Haikyuu
Haikyuu Anime. (Image credit goes to Production I.G)
  • The “Little Giant” is a title given to elite volleyball players who dominate on the court despite being short. It recognizes the rare players who can go toe-to-toe with the best despite having a major height disadvantage.
  • Earning the “Little Giant” label is no easy task. It requires an insane combination of athleticism, skill, and an unrelenting drive to outwork everyone else on the court, no matter how small your stature.

Who is Little Giant in Haikyuu?

  • During the crucial match against Kamomedai High, Saeko Tanaka, Ryunosuke’s older sister, finally introduces Hinata to “Little Giant” – a player named Tenma Udai who was the inspiration behind Shoyo pursuing volleyball.
  • As Hinata expresses his admiration for his long-idolized hero, a surprising truth comes to light – Tenma hasn’t actually played volleyball since graduating high school.

This revelation leaves some wondering if learning his idol gave up the sport will tarnish Hinata’s own drive and motivation. After all, the mythical “Little Giant” aura surrounding Tenma is quickly dispelled when he explains he quit volleyball to pursue a career as a manga artist due to lack of professional interest and changing personal interests.

However, the meeting doesn’t go how many fans expected it to go. Despite Tenma’s rather blasé demeanor about his glory days, Hinata remains overjoyed just to finally meet the man who set him on his path. Before returning to his team, Tenma wishes Hinata good luck, bestowing him with the title of “Next Little Giant.”

When will Haikyuu Movie Part 2 release?

Karasuno Team in Haikyuu!!
Karasuno in Haikyuu!! | Image via TMDB
  • As for when fans can expect to see this long-awaited meeting adapted on the big screen, an official release date for the second Haikyuu movie has not been announced yet.
  • Given that The Battle at The Garbage only just hit theaters in February 2024, it’s unlikely the follow-up film will arrive any earlier than September or October at the absolute earliest.

But that’s just an educated speculation based on typical release timelines.


The “Little Giant” who inspired Hinata’s volleyball journey has been built up as an almost mythical figure throughout the Haikyuu series. Fans need to wait for the second film instalment, expected in late 2024, to finally see Hinata come face-to-face with his idol Tenma Udai and learn the “Little Giant” has long since moved on from the sport. Despite this truth, the meeting promises to be an emotional payoff to one of Haikyuu’s core narrative throughlines.

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