Making Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc a series of movies is a Cash-grab trick: Explained

Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc

To the joy and the dismay of some, the Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc might be getting adapted into a series of movies. A reputable leaker on Twitter has announced this possibility, stirring anticipation among fans. There’s no official confirmation as of yet, but based on the leak, will a series of movies do justice to the Infinity Castle Arc? 

Besides doing justice to the best arc of Demon Slayer, the decision to adapt the arc into movies seems like a cash-grab trick keeping in mind the current scenario of the anime industry. 

Infinity Castle Arc movie: A Cash-grab trick?!

Akaza Demon Slayer
Akaza – The Upper Moon Three in Demon Slayer | Image Courtesy via IMDB

The Infinity Castle arc getting adapted into a movie might be a cash-grab trick. Multiple reasons can be cited to support this claim:

  • As compared to movies, anime is less profitable. In the case of Demon Slayer, even more so. Anime is usually broadcast on TV, which doesn’t directly earn profits. The funds come in through advertisements and merchandise sales. 
  • In the case of movies, there’s a direct source of funds. The length of the arc will require multiple movies, one movie of Demon Slayer earns billions. Several movies will multiply the profits as well. 
  • Given the popularity of Demon Slayer in Japan and internationally, it’ll be an easy task to draw people to the theatres. The commercial success of the previous movies speak volumes about the place Demon Slayer holds in the heart of fans. 
Demon Slayer
A still from Demon Slayer Mugen Train movie | Image Courtesy via IMDb

On the commercial front, the movie is a better option but will it be as good an adaptation? The Infinity Castle Arc is a fan favorite for the exciting fights. Would it be better to get movies for the arc or a two-cour season?

Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc movie or Demon Slayer Season 5?

Kibutsuji Muzan
Muzan from Demon Slayer anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The majority of Infinity Castle Arc consists of fights. These fights make the arc one of the best, as it leads everything that has happened so far to its fruition. If the arc gets adapted into movies, there’ll be an issue with the continuity. After all, we won’t get the movies without significant breaks between them. The production of the season will take more time but the results are available at once. 

Going ahead with a season will prove to be a better choice with the Infinity Castle Arc particularly. The movies will stretch out the arc unnecessarily. There’s also a minuscule possibility that the hype will die down or won’t be the same as we’ve already seen with Attack on Titan. The hype of AOT isn’t dead either, it’s just nowhere the same as it used to be. It has also become a meme in the anime community. 


Nezuko and Tanjiro
A still from Demon Slayer anime featuring Nezuko and Tanjiro | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The Infinity Castle Arc is a long one with over 50 chapters. That leaves us with the Sunrise Countdown arc which is the last arc of Demon Slayer. The fans were expecting an anime season that adapts the two arcs, but the movie leak disrupted the expectations. 

If the movie leak turns out to be true, the creators are probably trying to make the most out of the popularity of Demon Slayer. As long as the Infinity Castle Arc gets a good adaptation within a reasonable amount of time, we’re all ready to head to the theaters!

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