Making Hundred anime a Harem defeats its story: Here’s Why

Making Hundred anime a Harem defeats its story: Here's Why

In the ever-evolving world of anime, one popular trope that has captured the hearts of many fans is the “harem” genre. This genre often features a male protagonist surrounded by a bevy of female characters, each vying for his affection. While harem anime can be entertaining and enjoyable, there is a growing concern among fans and critics alike that making Hundred anime a harem can actually detract from the overall story and quality of the series. In this article, we will delve into why turning Hundred anime into a harem might not be the best creative choice.

What is Harem anime?

Some of the popular Harem anime
Some of the popular Harem anime (Image via IMDb)

Before we explore the pitfalls of turning every anime into a harem, it’s important to understand why the harem genre has become so popular in the first place. Harem anime often features a relatable male protagonist who finds himself in comical and sometimes awkward situations as he faces the affections of multiple female characters. This formula can lead to humorous and endearing character interactions, which many viewers find entertaining.

The potential of Hundred anime

A still from Hundred anime
A still from Hundred anime (Image via Production IMS)

Hundred is a sci-fi action anime that presents a promising premise. In this world, “Hundreds” are versatile weapons capable of taking various forms and are the only means to combat the enigmatic life forms called Savages, threatening Earth. To wield a Hundred, a compatibility factor of 100 is required, and our protagonist, Hayato Kisaragi, is the only person in the world who possesses this unique factor. He is admitted to the prestigious military academy, Little Garden, to be trained as a Slayer, someone who can effectively use Hundreds in battle.

The anime has the foundation for a captivating story with a thrilling premise, exciting action sequences, and well-developed characters. However, it falls short of its potential due to the incorporation of harem elements.

Downside of Harem elements

A harem anime is a genre that features a male protagonist surrounded by a group of female characters, all vying for his affection. While this formula can work well in certain contexts, it can detract from the core narrative of Hundred.

Reduced character development

A still from Hundred anime
A still from Hundred anime (Image via Production IMS)

One of the key issues with turning “Hundred” into a harem is the potential for diminished character development. In a traditional narrative, characters are given ample screen time and depth to grow, evolve, and connect with the audience. However, in a harem anime with a large cast of characters, it can be challenging to give each character the attention they deserve.

In Hundred anime, the focus should be on Hayato’s journey to become a powerful Hundred user and his battle against the Savages. Instead, the anime is frequently interrupted by scenes of Hayato being surrounded by scantily clad women who are vying for his attention. These distractions not only make the anime less serious but also hinder character development.

Dilution of plot

A still from Hundred anime
A still from Hundred anime (Image via Production IMS)

Another issue that arises when Hundred becomes a harem anime is the dilution of the plot focus. The central plot should revolve around the high-stakes battles against the Savages and the training of Slayers. However, the harem elements introduce romantic rivalries and comedic misunderstandings that sidetrack the story.

These distractions lead to missed opportunities to explore deeper themes and narratives. “Hundred” had the potential to explore the details of a world under siege by alien creatures and the unique role of a Slayer. Still, the constant interruptions by harem elements prevent it from reaching its full storytelling potential.


While harem anime certainly has its merits and can provide entertainment for many viewers, it’s important to recognize that not every anime is suited for the harem treatment. Turning Hundred into a harem anime can lead to diminished character development, a diluted plot focus, and missed opportunities for meaningful storytelling. As fans, we should appreciate the diversity of anime genres and allow each series to thrive in its own unique way.

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