How Horikoshi is Reviving the Lost Art of the Epic Shonen Epilogue after MHA Chapter 424

deku and bakugo in MHA

The curtains have not yet closed on the world of My Hero Academia. Even after the epic defeat of All For One in MHA 424, series creator Kohei Horikoshi has assured fans that there is still much more story to tell.

  • In a refreshing move, MHA is set to embark on an extensive epilogue, diving deep into the aftermath and lasting impacts of the series’ most devastating conflict.

In an author’s note accompanying that pivotal chapter, Horikoshi shared that the manga will be moving into an extended epilogue, promising fans that “there is still much left before the manga ends.”

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Why we’re excited for a long Epilogue, and you should be too!

shigaraki with bloodshot eyes in MHA Epilogue
My Hero Academia | © Studio Bones

However long, this extended conclusion is a welcome rarity in the world of shonen anime and manga.

  • Typically, once the big bad has been defeated, these types of stories will quickly wrap things up in a tidy way, often glossing over the complex repercussions of such a cataclysmic event.

However, it looks like Horikoshi understands that the true test of a hero’s mettle lies not just in the heat of battle, but in the messy and difficult process of rebuilding in the wake of destruction.

MHA’s Long Epilogue will Explore the True Cost of Victory

Both Deku and Bakugou are smiling with tears in their eyes in My Hero Academia
© Kohei Horikoshi / Viz Media

As far as we can tell, the closing chapters promise to provide an in-depth look at the painstaking work required to repair Hero Society and mend the psyches of its protectors (all of whom were young kids, who have been traumatized for life).

These are not wounds that will simply heal with time – the scars, both physical and emotional, will shape the characters’ journeys going forward.

What We’re Hoping to See in MHA’s Epilogue

Shigaraki looks old and wrinkled with a huge smile on his face in MHA ending
Shigaraki’s last words to Deku © Kohei Horikoshi / Viz Media

While we don’t know exactly how long the MHA extended epilogue will be, fans have no shortage of predictions and wishes for the story’s final chapters (us included).

  • Chief on our wishlist is the desire to see the lasting impacts on some of the series’ most compelling character arcs.

The Todoroki Family Arc

todoroki in MHA
My Hero Academia | © Studio Bones

For example, the emotional journey of the Todoroki family was undoubtedly one of the most gripping storylines during the final war.

Fans are really hoping that the manga will dedicate meaningful time to exploring how this fractured clan picks up the pieces and moves forward after all the chaos.

A Remedy to Deku’s Disappointing Character Arc

Deku, Uraraka, and Bakugou's back are visible with backpacks clinging onto them at as they stand in front of UA in My Hero Academia
© Kohei Horikoshi / Viz Media

The same goes for Deku, whose loss of the powerful OFA ability was a shocking development. Even though stories about heroes losing their powers can sometimes feel disappointing, we’re willing to trust that Horikoshi has a thoughtful plan in store.

Beyond just focusing on the personal struggles of the main cast, readers are also eager to see how the very structure of the hero world has been transformed.

Our Predictions for MHA’s Ending

Deku and Shigaraki appear side by side with word clouds on their face in My Hero Academia manga
© Kohei Horikoshi / Viz Media

The epilogue will surely showcase the painstaking process of rebuilding a society that was utterly ravaged by the villains’ rampage. We are curious to see what this newly reformed world will look like, and how it may differ from the one we were first introduced to at the start of the series.

Of course, no discussion of the MHA epilogue would be complete without addressing the lingering questions around the villains. What will ultimately become of Shigaraki and the other antagonists who managed to survive the final battle?

Finally, the ever-present question of romantic relationships continues to loom large. While the series has never been overly focused on shipping (unlike its fans), the epilogue may provide some clarity or closure on the will-they-won’t-they tensions that have existed between certain characters.

MHA’s Legacy compared to other Shonen

deku is in the center surrounded by other My Hero Academia characters
© Studio Bones

Ultimately, fans are simply eager to see Horikoshi provide a comprehensive, thoughtful conclusion that does justice to the epic journey of My Hero Academia.

  • By spending quality time in this epilogue period, MHA is breaking away from the trend of shonen series that often relegate the aftermath to just a few quick pages.
  • Instead, Horikoshi is ensuring that the hard-won victories of his protagonists are not diminished, but rather elevated by exploring their true cost.

After all, the end of a conflict is merely the beginning of the true challenge of leading in a post-war world.

This meticulous attention to the details of recovery and reconstruction is a lost art in contemporary shonen storytelling.

  • We last saw a proper epilogue in the Dragon Ball series, and since then, manga and anime have been content to bask in the glory of a climactic showdown— missing the opportunity to delve into the messy, unglamorous work that must follow.

But by fully committing to MHA’s epilogue, Horikoshi is not only providing closure for his dedicated readers, but also setting a new standard for how to properly conclude an epic saga.

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