My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: The U.A. Traitor Finally revealed 

A boy with blonde hair appears to be crying in My Hero Academia anime

The next step in My Hero Academia anime is the war, but information is a crucial part of the war. To make things more exciting, you can add a traitor who conveniently strings the information along. Horikoshi did all that and while most fans have figured out the identity of the U.A. traitor, he’s the stepping stone for the war to begin. 

The recent episode reveals the U.A. Traitor’s identity in all its glory with plenty of drama. Before the war gets initiated, brush up on your MHA memories with this complete My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

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My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

Shigaraki lays on a muddy ground and AFO is sitting by his side in My Hero Academia Season 7
Shigaraki and AFO © Studio Bones

After his devastating spar with Star and Stripe, we see Shigaraki along with the League of Villains and AFO. He wriggles on the floor with pain from the fight. While walking in his direction, AFO explains that all this pain will die down and Shigaraki will be able to use his quirks as usual. Shigaraki curses All Might, and swears to kill him. 

  • That’s when AFO realizes that his consciousness is blending with Shigaraki, he can feel Shigaraki’s resentment and anger. He asks Tomura to take it easy as they still managed to remove a big hurdle from their path. 
  • Further adding how he doesn’t stick to just one plan. He asks Dabi to wait a little longer for their plan, but Dabi refuses saying that he can’t stand seeing his old man fly around energetically anymore. 
  • To persuade Dabi, AFO tells him that they both are similar with one significant difference. AFO plans multiple routes to get to his goal, he plans years and sometimes decades even, in advance. And he has friends unlike Dabi, who help him achieve that goal. 

Class 1-A trains to be the best

Todoroki puts his hands together and fire and ice emerge from his body in MHA
Todoroki © Studio Bones

Next we see the students of Class 1-A training together, sending their best attacks at each other. Deku and Bakugou can be seen training together, and Bakugou attacks Deku with multiple explosions at once. He manages to send Deku to the ground. 

With a satisfactory smile on his face, he explains his new attack that he learnt while training with Endeavour. He stores up his power in the form of sweat droplets and then makes them explode at once, creating a cluster of explosions. 

He is determined to level-up all his attacks but it takes time for his body to heat up. Hearing this, Deku understands the reason behind him wearing his winter uniform. Deku looks at Todoroki who’s training his left side to be as powerful as the right one to withstand Dabi’s attacks. 

The three missing pieces to reach AFO

Denki and Mineta look at each other while sitting on a bench in My Hero Academia anime
Denki and Mineta discuss the villains © Studio Bones

Given that the bosses are weakened and they’ve captured gigantomachia, Denki asks Mineta why can’t they just take on AFO and Shigaraki? Bakugou arrives at the spot and comments on how he’s forgetting three important points. 

  • First, they can’t find both the villains. While Shigaraki can be found, AFO is an expert at running away
  • Momo and Jiro join the conversation stating the second point which is Shigaraki’s strength. The last time they took him on, he was still incomplete yet there were so many casualties. They don’t know if they’re capable of defeating him yet. 
Momo in Mha has her hand raised in the air with her head titled sideways in MHA
© Studio Bones
  • Third, starting second will put them at a disadvantage. They need to lure the villains to a specific spot, for which they are trying their best through various attempts. 

Deku adds to the third problem and as he’s about to say that ‘he’ needs to hurry, Iida corrects Deku. It’s not just him, they’re all in this together. The rest of the class arrive as well to remind Deku. 

The Traitor Revealed

A crying Aoyama looks straight at his mom whose hands are visible on his shoulders in My Hero Academia
Aoyama is the U.A. Traitor © Studio Bones

The anime finally gets into the matter of the U.A. traitor, as we see Hagakure in a forest eavesdropping on a conversation. It gets revealed that all the time the villains magically appeared at U.A. it was Aoyama relaying secret information to AFO in encoded messages. 

He stands with tears streaming down his eyes as his mom persuades him to continue doing the same, as it’s already too late for them to back out. Plus AFO will kill them if they fail to do so. Hagakure refuses to believe that Aoyama is the traitor. 

We get to see a flashback of Aoyama’s childhood. He was born quirkless, his parents took AFO’s help to give him a quirk. So that he can chase his dreams without facing any discrimination. Hagakure begins to look around for someone, hopefully a teacher, but then Aoyama begins to cry.

Hagakure becomes visible because of the different lights and her eyes are glowing in My Hero Academia
Hagakure © Studio Bones

Admitting how the guilt was crushing him everyday, and when All Might defeated AFO at Camino, he thought he could be the same as everyone. Just then they hear the rustling bushes and Deku along with Hagakure appears from behind them. Deku says that he came to look for Aoyama because he was the only one who looked sad. Upon hearing this, Aoyama admits to the spying he has been doing. 

The tragic entwinement with AFO

AFO stands extending his hand in an ominous red background in My Hero Academia anime
All For One © Studio Bones

We hear a continuation of AFO’s conversation with Dabi, AFO continues that he has a lot of friends. If they can’t help him, they’re disposable. Aoyama’s family begins to run while he reminisces about his past. His parents belonged to wealthy families, when they discovered that he was born quirkless they sought the help of the rumored man.

His quirk wasn’t a good match for him which led to many difficulties but they tried their best to raise him. He wanted to return their efforts in some manner, just when AFO asked them to send Aoyama to U.A. as All Might was about to become a teacher.

All the students of Class 1-A stand in front of Aoyama in My Hero Academia Season 7 Episode 3
Class 1-A © Studio Bones

AFO asked Aoyama to give information about the training camp, All Might, and even asked him to lure Deku to the woods, which he succeeded in doing. Aoyama attacks Deku, but Hagakure refracts the light with her body and Deku holds Aoyama’s family down with One for All. 

She asks Aoyama how he could be with everyone while he was doing all of this. With tears streaming down his eyes, he asks Aoyama to stop and relays Hagakure’s thoughts as well. 

The Interrogation Begins

Tsukauchi, All Might and other U.A. faculty stand in front of the Aoyama family to interrogate  them
© Studio Bones

All the U.A. faculty along with Class 1-A interrogate Aoyama. His classmates refuse to believe that he did it willingly. Tsukauchi asks his family to relay all the information they’ve got. 

  • They explain that they don’t have any information, AFO threatened to kill them if they failed to do what he asked for. They’ve seen him doing it to others, nobody could escape death even if they tried. 
  • Aoyama admits that he was smiling and laughing with people he could have killed and he’s a villain for doing that. 
  • Deku yells at him for calling himself a villain, he asks him about the times when he saved Tokoyami and Bakugou or when he tried to contact Deku through the cheese cubes.

You can still be a hero!

Aoyama and Deku face each other with teary eyes in My Hero Academia Season 7
Aoyama and Deku © Studio Bones

Deku extends his hand to Aoyama and asks him to take it as he still has the chance to become a hero. Tsukauchi tells Deku that his hands are tied up, and they’ll prevent him from speaking any further as anything can happen.

They’ll first send the Aoyamas to the hospital. Tsukauchi enquires them why they didn’t let AFO know about the Camino attack and they reveal that they don’t have any access to AFO, only he can contact him. 

Hearing this, Deku and the other class 1-A students figure out that they can use Aoyama to lure out Shigaraki and the villains. At present, Aoyama is the only one who can trick AFO. Deku reiterates to Aoyama that he can still be a hero and the episode ends. 

The tragedy that Aoyama turned out to be is suddenly an opportunity to reach the villains. All the heroes have put their heads together to plan a roadmap to AFO. It will be interesting to see how the plan turns out as the final war draws close. If you have any thoughts about this recap or the episode, share in the comments. And stay tuned until next!


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