Mignon BL: What is it about?

Mignon BL What is it about

Mignon BL is a recently released South Korean anime that examines the themes of homosexuality and fantasy, in a gripping plot structure. Fans are excited following the release as they had to wait a long time for the release of this short and crispy anime, which was set to bring a boy-love storyline to the screens. Mignon BL is a story about love, fear, and loss, all of which are amalgamated into a plot that derives a storyline based on the exploration of sexuality and repressed emotions.

What is the plot of Mignon BL?

Mignon BL has taken over the hearts of anime fans due to its exploration of sexuality and love. The anime Mignon BL covers the lives of the eponymous character, an underground boxer. He makes a living by fighting, but his instructor is harsh. Furthermore, his cruel tutor constantly abuses him and frequently gorges himself on Mignon’s battles and winnings. Despite his traumas, Mignon finds a light of hope in his odd connection to a doctor, who seems to be his only ray of sunshine in the darkness which has engulfed his life altogether.

Mignon BL What is it about
The protagonist- Mignon. (Image credit goes to Panda Tower Studio)

Mignon frequently sees this doctor to have his injuries fixed. However, he quickly falls in love, and even though the doctor advises Mignon to acquire a better job, Mignon ignores him and prefers to be lost in his love. But one day, he shows up at the dump uninvited and discovers his doctor consuming a patient’s blood, only to realize that the man is a vampire. Mignon now has a bounty on his head for the discovery he made by mistake. From here on, the story takes a turn that is dark and conflicting in nature, a battle of love and survival and the urge to bring back the lost normalcy.

Where can we watch the Mignon BL anime?

Mignon BL, being a Korean anime series, is only available on select websites and platforms. As of now, the anime is available exclusively on Vimeo. All of its episodes were released on Friday, August 11, 2023, and each episode is roughly five minutes long. The anime has also received English, Korean, and Japanese subtitles, making it accessible across various regions.

Mignon BL What is it about
The Vampire Doctor. (Image credit goes to Panda Tower Studio)

Mignon BL explores dark and mature themes, but it has grown popular among teens. It explores various psychological aspects of the age and also examines the repressed emotions of teenage in a very visually dramatic manner. But the content which revolves around the action sequences makes it a mature show to watch, and we would suggest that it be watched with caution.

Mignon BL anime – cast and episode information

Mignon BL anime is produced and distributed by the ABJ Company. It has been written and directed by Bboong Bbang Kkyu (Lewin). The additional cast information is as under:

  • Oh Minhyeok as the voice actor of Mignon
  • Kim Minju as the voice actor of Oh Young-One
  • Min Seungwoo is the voice actor of a Gangster
  • Jeong Uihan as the voice actor of the Referee
  • Park Jookwang as the voice actor of Mignon’s Coach
  • Lee Gyuchang as the voice actor of Master Woo
Mignon BL What is it about
Mignon. (Image credit goes to Panda Tower Studio)

Mignon BL anime has a total of 12 episodes, and each episode has a rough runtime of around five minutes. The total runtime of the entire anime is one hour and seven minutes. The first three episodes are free to watch for all viewers, however, one must pay a dollar each for the rest of the episodes.


Mignon BL is filled with themes that are dark, conflicting, and fantastical in nature. The anime in itself is a very flattering exploration of themes that are neither conventional nor easy to explore. The interrogation of such themes and genres makes it an interesting watch and has resulted in the widespread popularity of the anime.

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