Ranking the most powerful Hunters in Solo Leveling Anime

Jinwoo and Joohee entering the Double Dungeon in Solo leveling anime

The most powerful Hunters in Solo Leveling anime are slowly being revealed with the anime developing the life and character of Sung Jinwoo, the main protagonist. The role of the Hunters is to defeat the beasts and clear the magical dungeons so that these monsters do not set their foot on Earth. The Hunters are also paid according to the loot that they manage to collect and sell, which eventually results in the constitution of their salaries.

In this article, we shall focus on the most powerful hunters in Solo Leveling anime so far and cover the growth and rankings. The list will not include Sung Jinwoo, because he is an evergrowing character whose strength is yet to be determined. And so carrying on a similar spirit, this list as well is evergrowing and will continue to list out the strongest as more episodes come out.

The most powerful Hunters in Solo Leveling anime – ranked

8. Lee Joohee

Joohee looking at Jinwoo in solo leveling anime
Lee Joohee. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

Lee Joohee is a Korean B-Rank healer. In addition, she is one of the five people who survived the initial Double Dungeon incident and has known Jinwoo for quite some time.

  • Despite being a B-Rank healer, Joohee always went on easy raids and eventually retired completely when she was unable to recover from her traumatic experience in the Double Dungeon.
  • She is a kind and pleasant woman who is afraid of the perils of hunting.
  • She also has a tight relationship with Jinwoo because she has accompanied him on many raids to ensure his safety and has even been known to grow upset with him for being hurt so regularly.

7. Song Chi-Yul

Song Chi-Yul leads the team into the dungeon that ends up being a double dungeon in solo leveling anime
Song Chi-Yul. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

Song Chi-Yul is a C-Rank Hunter from Korea who also teaches kumdo. Being one of the five survivors of the initial Double Dungeon event, he has also been friends with Jinwoo since he was an E-Rank Hunter. With a strong sense of responsibility, he is a gregarious, sardonic man who refuses to give up hunting even after losing his right arm in the Double Dungeon.

His relationships with Jinwoo and Joohee show that he also has compassion for his allies, and he has repeatedly offered his life in defense of them. Because Chi-Yul is an adept fire user, he rarely had problems in the field, with the exception of the Double Dungeon event where he lost his arm and almost saw his life’s end.

6. Min Byung-Gyu

Min Byung-Gyu uses magic to heal the Hunters in solo leveling anime
Min Byung-Gyu. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

Min Byung-Gyu is an S-Rank healer from Korea. Byung-Gyu is a kind and understanding person who is deeply opposed to violence.

  • He took part in the Third Jeju Island Raid approximately three years prior to the first Double Dungeon Incident.
  • He is an expert in healing magic and an S-Rank healer. He can virtually instantly treat his fellow hunters, even those with serious wounds.

With only a short appearance in the anime so far, it is hopeful that we will get to witness more of his character in the future. Having said that, he is the most powerful healer introduced in the series so far.

5. Eunseok

Eunseok uses electricity to fight the army of ants in solo leveling anime
Eunseok. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

Eunseok is a Korean S-Rank Hunter who is regarded as one of the most powerful hunters. Eunseok, Baek Yoonho, and Min Byung-Gyu took part in the Third Jeju Island Raid almost three years prior to the main storyline’s events. Although much was not shown about his abilities, we could see how he was at par with Baek Yoonho and was a trusted ally. He is a tremendously strong fighter and also a lightning user.

4. Baek Yoonho

Baek Yoonho fighting off the mighty army of ants in solo leveling anime
Baek Yoonho. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

Baek Yoonho is a Korean S-Rank hunter who excels in transformation magic and serves as the Guild Master of the White Tiger Guild. He is a strong young man with well-groomed sideburns, orange eyes, spiky orange hair, and prominent canine teeth. He is a dedicated, hardworking man who has compassion for the people in his guild. He is one of Japan’s best hunters and his brute strength is simply unmatched. He is seen on multiple occasions showcasing his ability within and outside battle, and everyone is fearful of this master fighter.

3. Choi Jong-In

Choi Jong-In uses Flames to fight an army of ants in solo leveling anime
Choi Jong-In. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

Choi Jong-In is the Hunters Guild’s Guild Master and a Korean S-Rank Hunter specializing in fire magic. He is a lanky young man with red hair styled like a curtain and parted over his right eye on the left side. In addition, he usually wears striped business suits and has a really friendly smile. His eyes shine a vivid magenta when he uses his powers.

As the most formidable mage-type hunter in Korea, Choi is said to be on par with Yoonho in terms of power. Even yet, given that Cha Hae-In is the new prodigal S-Rank hunter, he is still far weaker than her. He can easily control flames and use them to generate powerful strikes like Flame Spear and Flame Dragon to deal damage to his opponents. Furthermore, he has the power to employ flames to defend himself from attackers, known as Flame Prison.

2. Go Gunhee

Go Gunhee in Solo Leveling anime
Go Gunhee as seen in Solo Leveling anime. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

Gunhee is a stocky old man with greenish-gray eyes, grey hair, and a plethora of scars all over his body. He has bright yellow eyes that shine when he uses his talents. Gunhee is a modest, honest, and forthright person who is always deeply grateful to anyone who upholds moral principles but detests those who pursue selfish interests alone.

In the past, Gunhee was unquestionably Korea’s best hunter. Unfortunately, after only a few years of working as a hunter, Gunhee’s body started to lose its capacity to handle its power owing to his old age. Gunhee had thought that the discovery of healing magic would allow him to return to the game by turning back time, but it had not worked. Gunhee ran out of choices and finally became the Chairman of the Korean Hunters Association, never planning to return to hunting.

1. Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae-In snatches a young lady's purse from the thieves featuring on the list of the most powerful hunters in solo leveling anime
Cha Hae-In. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

Cha Hae-In is an S-Rank Hunter from Korea who serves as the Hunters Guild’s Vice-Guild Master. Cha is a lovely young lady with blonde hair styled in a bob and gray eyes. She is a careful person who is concerned about the people in her immediate vicinity. She appears to be socially uncomfortable and doesn’t seem to have any pals outside of her profession.

Because of her sensitivity to mana odor, she perceives monsters and hunters as repulsive. She is skilled with a sword and can think of original and inventive ways to effectively dispatch enemies.


The most powerful Hunters in Solo Leveling are not simply limited to this listicle and we shall update on the changes as the story in the anime develops. While there are a lot of spoilers regarding the lives of these characters, we will refrain from spoiling the story for anime-only viewers. Most of these Hunters will shift in the listicle, while new ones will be introduced. For a detailed note on Hunters, Monarchs, Gems, and everything about Solo Leveling, do not forget to visit our website.

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