Mushoku Tensei II: Will Rudeus find out the true identity of Mister Fitz?

Mushoku Tensei II

In Mushoku Tensei II, Rudeus is warming up to Princess Ariel’s guardian Silent Fitz. There are moments where he is struck with an unknown admiration for Fitz. We know where this admiration stems from but he doesn’t. We are already aware of the true identity of Mister Fitz. Rudeus doesn’t know yet that his Senpai Fitz is none other than his childhood sweetheart Sylphiette. Will he ever find out?

What is the true identity of Silent Fitz?

Silent Fitz
Silent Fitz | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind

Episode 0 of Mushoku Tensei Season 2 was about Sylphy or as we know her now, Silent Fitz. After the Mana Calamity, Sylphy fell from the Silver Palace. She used magic to protect herself from the fall. Her mana reserves ran out and the exhaustion turned her hair white. After being cared for by Princess Ariel, she became one of her guardians. Taking up the title ‘Silent Fitz’. 

Mushoku Tensei II: Will Rudeus find out that Sylphy is Silent Fitz?

Rudeus and Silent Fitz
Rudeus with Mister Fitz, in the latest episode of Mushoku Tensei season 2 | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind

A spoiler free answer to this would be yes. Otherwise it would not make sense to set up their meeting and explain the experiences of Sylphy. It can’t simply be a coincidence that Rudeus joins the Ranoa Magic Academy to find a cure to his ‘illness’ and his childhood lover is also there. Also the way Sylphy has been calling him her master indicates that the revelation isn’t very far into the future. 

In Mushoku Tensei, when the characters cross paths with each other, it always leads to something. Everything is connected to something else. An example of this would be Roxy’s meeting with Elinalise. So the set-up and the characters ending up at the magic academy together must be leading towards a potential meeting between them. 

Rudeus and Sylphy
Silent Fitz and Rudeus | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind

Beware of Spoilers! If you don’t mind some spoilers from the light novel, continue to read on. In the novel, Rudeus finds out the true identity of Mister Fitz:

  • Rudy and Sylphy reunite at the Ranoa Magic Academy after 8 years since their childhood. Since then Rudeus has gone through a lot, but he hasn’t completely forgotten about Sylphiette.
Rudeus Greyrat
Rudeus questioning his feelings towards Fitz | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind
  • Although he has other priorities and she’s not at the top of her mind; he was curious about her whereabouts. Sylphy isn’t aware of this, she still fears that Rudeus might have forgotten about her. If this turns out to be true, it’ll break her heart. This makes her want to avoid a clear rejection.
  • With the help of Princess Ariel she recreates a memory from their childhood to disclose her identity to Rudeus. This memory is a core memory for both of them. It was their first disagreement and also a turning point in their relationship. 

This is how Rudeus comes to know the true identity of Silent Fitz.


Sylphy Mushoku Tensei
A still from Mushoku Tensei season 2 | | Image Courtesy of Studio Bind

Those who have been rooting for Sylphy as their best girl, your time has come it seems. The creator has done a remarkable job at making the motivation of all the characters known.  This makes the viewers feel torn between who to root for. If this end up well for Rudeus and Sylphy, what about Eris? 

Rudeus has been spending a lot of time with Fitz. Their chemistry is very sweet. It feels like they still have a connection after all these years. It will be interesting to see Rudeus’ reaction when he finds out the true identity of Mister Fitz in the upcoming episodes of Mushoku Tensei II.

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