Mushoku Tensei II: Will Rudeus join Counter Arrow as an official member?

Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei has made its triumphant return to the industry with its much awaited second season and so far, the season has been receiving highly positive feedback from its first two episodes, but a lot of anime only fans have been left speculating regarding the role that Rudeus will play in the story.

Well with the 3rd episode soon to release, it’s about a better time as ever to give a brief idea on what exactly is going to transpire (Spoiler Warning for Anime only viewers).

Where is Mushoku Tensei Season 2 currently at?

The season picks up 2 years after the end of the 1st season, Rudeus is now 15 and well… let’s just say he is somehow holding on.

Rudeus is depressed
Image Courtesy: Shirotaka

As to what he is doing as of now, let’s list them out: –

  • He is currently situated in the northern continent, where he is trying to locate the whereabouts of his mother Zenith.
  • He is coping with depression and loneliness and is scared to upon up to people.
  • He has disbanded “Dead End” and is now working as an adventurer for hire under the name Quagmire.
  • Finally, he is suffering from erectile dysfunction (though he is yet to learn about that), ever since the supposed “betrayal” he experienced from Eris.

Where is Mushoku Tensei headed?

After an in-depth look at the official promotional PVs, the currently out episodes and the bit of information regarding release schedule, we can deduce that: –

  • The Anime is going to stay largely faithful to the Light Novel, as opposed to the Manga, when it comes to the structure of its arcs and story line.
  • It’s likely going to cross the Manga in terms of how many story arcs its gonna cover. According to what we gained from the 1st PV; the season is likely wrapping up by the end of the “Labyrinth Arc” in the Light Novel.
  • So accordingly, the story of the 2nd season will be covering around 5 more arcs from the Mushoku Tensei Light Novel. Which include the currently ongoing “Mid-Level Adventurer Arc” all the way up till the “Labyrinth Arc”.

Where is Rudeus going to go?

According to the existing material, Rudeus is soon going to be made aware about his erectile dysfunction, which results in him spiraling even more into self-pity and hate (nothing new for this shut-in). But he is soon going to be given an opportunity to attend “Ranoa Magic Academy” in hopes of curing his disease with any possible spell or blessing he could find in the Academy’s records (Yes, poor guy is that desperate).

Rudeus is desperate
Image Courtesy: Shirotaka

But little does he know that he is going to experience a very heartwarming reunion which will not only reignite his Fire but also cure him permanently with a bonus (this is a family friendly platform).


While many fans will be disappointed to learn that the “Counter Arrow” cast is not going to be around for much longer and the Rudeus joining Counter Arrow is unlikely.

A lot more is left in store for Rudeus and his journey, which includes a perfect mix of joy and depression. So, stay on your toes and watch the series till the end if you dare (certainly not being ominous). Mushoku Tensei Season 2 is shaping up to be one of the very best this year.

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