My Adventures with Superman: Will any of the main villains make an appearance?

My Adventures with Superman Will any of the main villains make an appearance

A modern animated remake of one of the greatest superhero stories, My Adventures with Superman is a retelling of the 90 years old tale which has graced us all this while. While the general story dictates a particular narrative, the remakes, and reboots try to redefine the superhero in their unique way.

My Adventures with Superman is one such retelling, a modern fable of a working hero, trying to make a living out of an ordinarily monotonous life. But the monotony is challenged when this office-goer saves the planet but is unsure how to make the classical villains a central part of the narrative.

My Adventures with Superman tells the story of a ‘lost legend’ – let’s see how

My Adventures with Superman narrates the tale of Clark Kent and his interning life at the Daily Planet with his roommate Jimmy Olsen and office crush Lois Lane, who try to make their mark in the industry and become journalists. But the new dynamic character of Superman also makes him a flawed hero.

  • It is flawed in the sense that the character is lost and has no idea how things are working or how he ended up with his superpowers.
  • But as much lost as he might be, the new Clark Kent knows that he must help those in need, making him a classical superhero who puts service before self in all manners of life.

The Clark Kent in this Superman remake is also very inexperienced and doesn’t know how to be heroic in the traditional sense. An emotionless God is portrayed as one who cares for others. It is not his sense of duty but his love for his friends and the people, which makes him fight evil without any other weapon but hope.

The Villains of My Adventures with Superman – A reappearance of the classical evil

My Adventures with Superman will have villains such as Brainiac and Winslow Schott. Brainiac is tied to the destruction of Krypton in the comics and he will appear in the new animated remake. He is one of Caped Crusader’s most famous villains, a rogue AI who rules over the empire of Krypton.

My Adventures with Superman Will any of the main villains make an appearance
My Adventures with Superman. (Image credit goes to the official teaser by Adult Swim on YouTube)

The character of Brainiac will be played by Michael Emerson, who has earlier played the roles of villains in ‘Lost’, ‘Evil’ and ‘Saw’. Brainiac is a Twelfth Level Intellect, he is devious and his endless hunt for knowledge causes his conflict with Superman. Moreover, he takes an interest in collecting cities and is responsible for shrinking the capital city of Kandor, Superman’s home.

Who are the other character’s that we can expect?

Apart from Brainiac, there will be supposedly other prominent villains such as Winslow Schott, Bizzaro, Amanda Waller, etc. These characters classified as villains in the comics might make their cameo in the upcoming seasons and episodes of My Adventures with Superman, but speculations and realities are sometimes non-intersecting. And therefore, to speculate is to take into consideration the limitations of the future, and so we can hope that along with Brainiac, other villains might appear but only as minor side characters.

Is the new Superman a classical remake or a modern retelling?

My Adventures with Superman is more than just a modern retelling, it is not a classical remake. While there are similarities in the plot and so on, the fact that Clark Kent has been introduced and examined in such a peculiar manner itself proves that the characterization doesn’t limit itself to classical narratives.

My Adventures with Superman Will any of the main villains make an appearance
My Adventures with Superman. (Image credit goes to the official teaser by Adult Swim on YouTube)

The Superman remake is to state the nature of the superhero, to propagate the idea of this hero and not what this hero is or how he lives. It is about integrity, hope, and commitment, which defines Superman, and not just a constant repetition of old fables with old villains and the same old hero.

  • Therefore, we should understand that the main villains from the comics who might make an appearance in the animated series would be limited and the same time released from their traditional roles.
  • These villains will be new, with a modern twist to their ideals, and finally with a classical essence to their aspirations.


My Adventures with Superman will have the main villains from the comics. The superhero would be conflicted and constricted, and the villains might follow the same suit. This retelling will introduce us to a completely new narrative and an idea that will extend beyond the usual.

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