My Happy Marriage season 2: What will it be about?

My Happy Marriage season 2: What will it be about?

My Happy Marriage season 2 has been a topic of intense speculation and excitement in the anime community. Following a gripping season 1 that left us with numerous questions, fans are eager to explore the potential developments and mysteries that lie ahead. Let’s journey into the world of Miyo Saimori and Kiyoka Kudou to explore what season 2 might bring.

Recap of Season 1

A still from My Happy Marriage anime
A still from My Happy Marriage anime (Image via Kinema Citrus)

The first season of the anime sensation, My Happy Marriage, unveiled the story of Miyo Saimori. Born into a noble family bereft of supernatural abilities, Miyo endured a life of servitude under her oppressive stepmother and stepsister.

  • As Miyo approached marriageable age, her destiny entwined with that of Kiyoka Kudou, the heir to a reputedly austere and ruthless family.
  • Yet, to her surprise, Miyo unearthed the genuine kindness and tenderness within Kiyoka, sparking an enchanting romance between them.

Throughout the season, Miyo began to unlock her latent powers. When the menacing Grotesqueries attacked the Kudo household, she discovered her ability to perceive and vanquish them. By season’s end, Miyo and Kiyoka’s bond had deepened, and Miyo had found acceptance within herself. However, impending challenges loom large as they confront the menacing Grotesqueries and the emerging threat of the Saimori family’s vengeance.

Potential plot points for My Happy Marriage season 2

Miyo’s fate in season 2

Kiyo in My Happy Marriage anime
Miyo in My Happy Marriage anime (Image via Kinema Citrus)

Miyo’s upbringing, steeped in lovelessness, provides an intriguing backdrop. We’ve all yearned to understand her views on love and marriage, forged amidst her parents’ contentious relationship. We may see more about Miyo’s past, her quest for love, and her journey to happiness alongside Kiyoka.

The first season gave us a glimpse of Miyo’s supernatural abilities. In season 2, we could see Miyo undergo formal training to learn how to control her powers more effectively. This could lead to some exciting action sequences, as Miyo faces off against more powerful Grotesqueries.

Challenges in Season 2

Saimori family in My Happy Marriage anime
Saimori family in My Happy Marriage anime (Image via Kinema Citrus)

The enigmatic Grotesqueries have cast a shadow over Miyo and Kiyoka’s world. Season 2 could amplify their menace, perhaps we could see the Grotesqueries become more organized and dangerous. Miyo and Kiyoka may need to team up with other powerful individuals to stop the Grotesqueries from destroying humanity.

The Saimori family’s resentment towards Miyo lingers like a storm cloud. It is possible that the Saimori family seek revenge on Miyo and Kiyoka. This could lead to some tense and suspenseful moments, as Miyo and Kiyoka must protect themselves from their enemies.

Deepening love between Miyo and Kiyoka

Miyo and Kiyoka in My Happy Marriage anime
Miyo and Kiyoka in My Happy Marriage anime (Image via Kinema Citrus)

The heart of “My Happy Marriage” undoubtedly lies in the love shared by Miyo and Kiyoka. Their relationship’s progression, despite trials and tribulations, remains a focal point. In season 2, we can anticipate their bond growing even stronger, offering poignant and romantic moments. A deeper exploration of Miyo and Kiyoka’s relationship is a tantalizing prospect. Their chemistry has endeared them to viewers, and witnessing their love deepen while overcoming the challenges promises to be heartwarming.

What to expect in My Happy Marriage season 2

A still from My Happy Marriage anime
A still from My Happy Marriage anime (Image via Kinema Citrus)

Beyond the foreseen plot points, several other aspects could enrich the narrative of “My Happy Marriage” in its second season.

  • Firstly, Miyo’s character development warrants further exploration. While she has made considerable progress, there is room for her to evolve, placing greater trust in herself and embracing her unique talents.

The first season offered a mere glimpse of the diverse cultures and landscapes in Miyo and Kiyoka’s world. A deeper exploration of these facets, along with the mysterious Grotesqueries and other supernatural entities, would make the series all the more interesting.


The prospects for the second season of My Happy Marriage are teeming with potential. With its potent blend of action, suspense, romance, and humor, it is poised to captivate a diverse audience.

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