My Hero Academia: 10 moments when Deku was close to death

My Hero Academia 10 moments when Deku was close to death

In the world of My Hero Academia, all professional and aspiring heroes know that risking death is a part of the job description. However, this doesn’t make it any easier given that these heroes are facing off against villains with equal or far more bizarre and insane quirks on a regular basis, often leaving them at death’s doorstep. Here are 10 moments when Deku was close to death.

My Hero Academia: 10 moments when Deku was close to death

Battle with Muscular

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Goto Imasuji aka Muscular (Image via IMDb)

During the Forest Training Camp arc, Deku faces off against the villain Muscular. Even when Deku pushes himself to his limits, unleashing his full power with One for All, Muscular proves to be a true behemoth who overwhelms him and leaves him severely injured and dangerously close to death.

Fighting Overhaul

Overhaul is one of the most dangerous and intimidating villains in the entire series, thanks to his extremely versatile and diabolical quirk. Deku confronts Overhaul, in a desperate attempt to protect Eri, pushing himself beyond his limits, sustaining grave injuries, and collapsing several times during the chaotic battle.

Fighting Shigaraki

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Image Courtesy of Studio Bones

During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Deku confronts the leader of the League of Villains, Shigaraki. As Shigaraki unleashes the full potential of his Decay Quirk, Deku gets caught in the crossfire, narrowly escaping death thanks to the timely intervention of his allies.

Attack from High-End Nomu

When the High-End Nomu attacks the students during the U.A. High School training camp, Deku fights to the best of his abilities but ends up being overpowered. He suffers severe injuries and is left unconscious, coming face-to-face with death once again.

Rescue in Kamino Ward

During the battle at Kamino Ward, All Might’s final showdown with All for One, Deku steps in to help his mentor.

However, he gets caught in the crossfire between the two monsters with abilities beyond his comprehension and sustains grave injuries, with his life hanging by a thread.

Encounter with Stain

In the Hosu City incident, Deku encounters the infamous villain Stain. Although Deku manages to hold his own, Stain’s lethal Quirk puts him in a life-threatening situation. He narrowly survives thanks to the intervention of other heroes.

Fighting Kurogiri and Gigantomachia

Top 5 Quirks in My Hero Academia that involve mass muscle strength
Gigantomachia (Image via IMDb)

During the War Arc, Deku confronts Kurogiri and Gigantomachia head-on, two adversaries who’re dangerous individually. Deku’s determination to save others pushes him to the brink, and leaves him with severe injuries and exhaustion, risking his very existence in the process.

Training with Gran Torino

While training with Gran Torino to improve his Full Cowling technique, Torino had no intentions of going easy on him. Even though this was just training, Gran Torino’s swift movements and powerful attacks pushed Deku to his limits, with the potential for fatal injuries considered.

Fighting the Sludge Villain

Top 5 Quirks in My Hero Academia that involves mass muscle strength6
All Might (Image via IMDb)

In the very first episode of My Hero Academia, Deku came face to face with the Sludge Villain. Given that Deku was a quirkless normal human at this point, his fate was practically sealed until All Might came to his rescue.

Rescuing Bakugo from the League of Villains

During the mission to rescue Bakugo from the League of Villains, Deku faces off against a plethora of dangerous adversaries, including Kurogiri and Dabi.

At that point in the series, these guys were literal monsters when compared to Deku’s abilities. With numerous near-death encounters throughout the mission, this was one of the most dangerous missions in Deku’s entire career.


Being chosen for One for All often came with its fair share of the menacing burden of troubles catered towards all users of the ability, and Deku’s case was no exception. While some call it plot armor, and some call it the ‘Power of Friendship’, Deku often pulls through, coming out of such situations with his life intact.

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