My Hero Academia Chapter 396: Will All Might win against All for One?

With the wills of both Heroes and Villains clashing all around, fights have slowly started to settle down. Toga’s sacrifice to save Ochako has concluded their fight, and all that remains is to handle All for One and Shigaraki. Chapter 396 begins to conclude a tale of a Hero of a bygone Era. Having no quirks left in him, All Might rise up to face a younger version of All for One with nothing but his mighty determination and smile.

The current strength of All Might?

After his previous fight with All for One, All Might or Toshinori Yagi, has completely depleted the remaining One for All quirk in his body. With this fight, he had passed on his baton to Midoriya Izuku, the current heir of One for All. Toshinori had lost all his motivation as a hero, finding himself unworthy to be a Hero anymore once he returned back to his quirkless state. He became a teacher, thinking that all he was best at was to guide the future generation of Heroes.


However, with the breakdown of the entire Hero System in the wake of Shigaraki as the new heir of All for One, all villains and anti-heroes were given a taste of freedom. Among them, our favourite anti-hero, Stain, had found his way out. Not only did he find his way to our hearts with his words, but he was also able to reignite Toshinori’s fire as a Hero. Showing him that people still went on fighting to protect this world, that the heroes still stand only because he was there to show them true strength as a Hero.

All Might adorning Hercules
Armored All Might | Courtesy of Viz Media

Reignited, Toshinori spent his time creating a support item for himself. With physical abilities that of a normal human, his support item, Hercules, covers all areas of his physical abilities. With his experience as a Pro Hero, he is able to use tactical measures to fight.

  • It allows him to move and hit like he used to when he was All Might. It covers all his defensive points, as well as acts as a system to switch between abilities.
  • Hercules Red allows him to create a shield, with similar durability as of Red Riot, who is his student.
  • Hercules Black Whip allows him to create black whips, exactly like the Black Whip ability of One for All.
  • Hercules Charge Bolt allows him to electrocute targets, like Kaminari‘s quirk, who is his student.
  • Hercules Cellophane allows him to stick and pull targets towards him, with similar adhesive abilities like Hanta Ceto, who is his student.
  • Hercules Sugarman allows him to boosts his physical apparatus increasing his offensive capabilities, exactly like Rikido Sato, who is his student.
  • Hercules Shoot Style Smash allows him to hit his target with all his might, the technique that directly mimics the current heir of One for All, Midoriya who is his Student.

The current strength of All for One

Having all Pro-Heroes banded against him, even the Leader of the Villains, All for One cannot deflect all their attempts. Putting him on the spot, he was forced to use his super-effective enhancement ability, Rewind. An ability that we have seen in our beloved Eiri, it allows the user to rewind any object or body to go back to a previous state of time. A simple technique, however, is quite dangerous at the hands of this wicked entity.

All for One after using the Rewind Quirk
Younger All for One | Courtesy of Viz Media

Rewinding his body back to his prime, All for One rejuvenates his body in his younger essence. Allowing his body to go back to his stronger physical capabilities, which enables stronger quirk manipulations, he has used his last resort to eliminate all threats in his path.

  • He has high physical capabilities with enhanced speed and agility.
  • He has a genius intellect, allowing him to encompass multiple tactical measures to defeat Pro-Heroes with ease.
  • He has a domineering will that makes everyone quiver under him.
  • He has a wide array of quirks and also has the ability to steal and acquire more.
  • He can also combine multiple quirks to create new ones to his benefit.
  • He has become more susceptible to death due to the rewinding quirk returning his body to its very beginning.

Fight Review

The fight has only begun in this chapter. However, it seems All Might has the upper hand. Having witnessed All for One for years, Toshinori has learnt all the tricks the villains use. With more emphasis on stealing and acquiring quirks, All for One has streamlined his offensive approach to wear down his targets using long-ranged attacks. But this approach fails as Toshinori does not have a quirk, allowing him to ruin most of the villain’s tactics.


The full extent of Armored All Might’s arsenal of offence is yet to be seen, nonetheless, it can be assumed that it shall be limited to the quirks or abilities he has experienced from his students and colleagues. On the other hand, All for One is very close to his demise as Toshinori has put in measures to dampen his regenerative capabilities. With a strong enough hit, it seems All for One might finally be defeated for good.


All Might telling Midoriya that he can be a Hero too
BNHA Chapter 1 | Courtesy of Viz Media

Although it is visible that All Might has the upper hand in this fight, it would be foolish to conclude that All for One would be taken down so easily. Their fight is symbolic, it is meant to represent hope. It will signify the end of an era, and finally a dawn of a new day. It will be a baton that Toshinori will pass to those who are quirkless, that they too are strong, that they too can be a Hero.

This fight is not about defeating All for One, it is a message that the author Horikoshi has been trying to send since the very beginning. It is a message to everyone who is quirkless, who feels they are powerless in life.

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