My Hero Academia Chapter 414 Spoilers: Kudou’s plan leads to a convergence of memories, as Deku forges ahead

Deku using Blackwhip in My Hero Academia manga

My Hero Academia Chapter 414 Spoilers have hit the internet and the manga has returned after a break as strong as ever. Kohei Horikoshi’s vision shines through every chapter as Deku continues to forge ahead despite the enormous danger right in front of him. In the last chapter, Kudo came up with a plan to weaken Shigaraki from within. The plan wasn’t only laden with risks but also a threat to humanity if things didn’t work out as planned.

His plan involved the transferences of Gearshift, one of the strongest quirks Deku has at present. Fans were prepared for the worst but the upcoming chapter seems to be a ray of hope. Here are the spoilers for the upcoming chapter to let you in on what happened. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 414 Spoilers: Deku puts Kudo’s plan into action

Kudo in My Hero Academia manga
Kudo explains his plan | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

After activating Blackwhip Deku strives forward to materialize Kudou’s plan. The vestiges observe him as En admires Deku’s quick wit to already get on with the plan. Kudou responds by highlighting Deku’s expertise and knowledge with quirks. 

  • The inability to use Gearshift puts Deku at a disadvantage. He puts his faith in the plan and decides to attack and transfer the quirk within a short span, as any delay would just make it easier for Shigaraki to regenerate.
  • Shigaraki cuts off his own hand as a cautious measure and swears to destroy everything irrespective of what comes his way. He gets alarmed seeing Deku as determined as ever.
Deku uses smokescreen in My Hero Academia Chapter 414 Spoilers
Deku | Image Courtesy of Viz Media
  • Deku uses Smokescreen which surprises En. He destroys the ground using Black Chains to prevent Shigaraki from using Decay. 
  • Danger sense alerts Shigaraki of One for All approaching from behind. He turns around only to find Gran Torino’s cape with blood on it, which is a part of Deku’s plan as he assumed that Shigaraki’s quirk search would react to the blood.  
  • Deku uses Smokescreen again to hide and before Shigaraki can defend himself, Deku attacks him with a punch right in his chest, transferring Gearshift to him

Upon seeing Deku use something as mundane as Smokescreen so magnificently, En breaks into tears remembering Deku’s words. Kudo bids goodbye to him and hits the crack in Shigaraki’s will according to the initial plan. 

A Walk Down the Memory Lane

League of Villains in My Hero Academia season 7
Shigaraki’s memories of meeting Toga, Dabi, and Spinner | Image Courtesy of Studio Bones

As soon as the transfer is done, Shigaraki’s memories start flashing by. Deku can see Shigaraki’s first meeting with Toga and Dabi. But his memories aren’t all, there are glimpses of Deku’s experience seeing Shouto use his quirk for the first time. And finally Shigaraki’s memory of meeting Spinner. Their memories start to converge. My Hero Academia Chapter 414 ends with En calling out to Deku, urging him to go forward with the plan. 

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Deku’s Unmatched Kindness and Determination

Deku and Shigaraki in My Hero Academia final season
Young Deku and Shigaraki | Image Courtesy of Studio Bones

This chapter is the perfect example of how Deku has been characterized. Even in a situation so dire, he was willing to put everything online to save Shigaraki. He holds onto the heroism he has always believed in while backing it up with practical knowledge and skills. En’s reaction highlights Deku’s ability to use his quirks to their optimum potential.

While the original wielder of Smokescreen was convinced of its uselessness, the boy thought of a way to use the quirk to his advantage and succeeded in doing so. The weight of humanity’s survival lies on Deku’s shoulders and he continues to push forward without flinching, a true hero in every sense. 


My Hero Academia Chapter 414 is great, it isn’t only action-heavy but also sentimental. By infiltrating Shigaraki’s mind, Deku has come closer to his goal. The recent developments spark excitement regarding what lies ahead. A storm of emotions and action is headed our way in the upcoming chapters of My Hero Academia and we’ll be here to discuss it all, so stay tuned!

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