Get ready to shed tears with My Hero Academia Chapter 422 Spoilers: All Might’s Greatest Hero 

Deku sits on his knees in front of All Might who is looking at him in MHA manga

Grab the tissues as My Hero Academia Chapter 422 Spoilers are here and they’re going to make each one of us cry! In the last chapter, we saw all the heroes arrive at the battlefield to Deku’s aid. Everyone has put their hopes in Deku and they’re trying their best to make him reach his goal. 

With everyone by his side, there’s no way Deku will lose. Not just his friends, but his number one hero is also rooting for him. Here’s a complete overview of My Hero Academia Chapter 422, another chapter that narrates the tale of the bravest hero. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 422 Spoilers

The Heroes are Here

Aoyama helps Deku stand up by giving him his hand in My Hero Academia
Aoyama extends his hand for Deku | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

In My Hero Academia Chapter 422, All for One continues to wreak havoc with his tentacles. Deku runs in Shigaraki’s direction while the other heroes back him up. Aoyama falls as a result of the broken ground but he asks Deku to continue running. 

  • Aizawa asks Shirakumo to open another portal but soon realizes that he used up all of his strength. 
  • Aizawa asks all the heroes who are attacking All for One to clear the path for Deku to reach Shigaraki. But none of their attack work on AFO, who prepares to unleash the ‘Full Release All Quirk Factors’. 
Aizawa and Aoyama help Deku stand up while Kota and the others root for him
Everyone cheers for Deku | Image Courtesy of Viz Media
  • AFO says that the attack will be more impactful than it was against Bakugou as he’s no longer emotional. He condenses all his powers and releases it as a laser towards Deku, but Hagakure reflects it. 
  • Kaminari and Momo create an electricity-induced railgun to attack All for One but he blocks it. 

AFO unleashes more tentacles and as Deku is about to punch them with One for All, the other heroes including Sato, Sero, Haibara, Shiozaki, and Shishida destroy it asking Deku to preserve his strength. 

The difference between Deku and All Might

All Might and Deku are both sitting on the floor and All Might holds Deku in his arms
All Might holds Deku | Image Courtesy of Studio Bones

Shoji and Tsuyu lift Deku as their families root for them and they throw him forward. Kirishima and Ashido block a big attack as their friends from middle school watch them and shout their names. 

  • AFO wonders why these heroes who can’t even move are fighting so hard but then he remembers what he said about Deku being useless. 
  • He realizes that unlike Deku, All Might didn’t have any weaknesses. That is what makes his friends get up again and again. 
Mic and other heroes move forward in AFO's direction
Mic and other Heroes | Image Courtesy of Viz Media
  • Gentle makes a trampoline for Deku, Death Arms, and Tokoyami wish him luck and Iida takes his hand. AFO tries to use another attack but the hole in his hand starts to bleed. 
  • Before the follow-up on why AFO’s hand started bleeding, we see the US pilots tending to All Might’s wounds. 

All Might reminisces about the day he saw Deku running which pushed him to do the same. All Might says ‘that’s when he became…’ but we don’t hear the end of his sentence just yet. 

The Greatest Hero

Deku screams as he prepares to attack All for One who appears to be covered with a black aura
Deku attacks All for One | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Melissa, Rody, and Pino wish Deku good luck. Iida remembers his first day at U.A. when Ochaco told him that the name Deku reminds her of doing her best. 

  • We see Ochaco in a helicopter and she closes her eyes and whispers ‘you can do it’. 
  • Next, we see the president of the United States sending all the US heroes to Japan. All the characters including Eri, Kota, and Tsukauchi wish Deku luck. 

And then All Might raises his hand in the air and he sees Deku in the sky. The sentence which was left midway gets completed as he says, “That day you became my Greatest Hero”. At last we see Inko cheering for Deku who lands a punch on AFO and the title of the chapter appears “Izuku Midoriya- Rising”. 

Izuku Midoriya- Rising

Deku asks allmight a question with his eyes shut and his face bowing downwards in MHA manga
The Greatest Hero, Izuku Midoriya | Image Courtesy of VIZ Media

The title of the chapter is so befitting for all the developments we got to see. Deku has not only become stronger but also gained the love and trust of so many people.

What makes the chapter so emotional is how everyone is rooting for him and supporting him however they can and everything is up to him now, as he’s the only one who can put an end to this war. Most importantly, Deku has become the greatest hero of All Might, the number one hero he has always looked up to.


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