My Hero Academia Chapter 423 Recap: The Sun shines on Deku Again 

Deku has his eyes wide open with his face magnified in the background in My Hero Academia

There are surprises and then there’s the recent My Hero Academia chapter. With barely any warnings, many characters met their end in the manga. Some got to say their goodbyes while others drifted to nothing for the sake of friendship. Deku put all his shonen MC traits on the frontline from determination to the ‘I see right through all your life experiences’ superpower. 

With the villains, heroes, goodbyes, comebacks, and a supposed end, there’s a lot to unpack. So here’s a complete My Hero Academia Chapter 423 Recap to make sense of everything that happened. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 423 Recap

All For One and Shigaraki appear to be emerging from the same body in MHA
All For One and Shigaraki © Studio Bones

My Hero Academia Chapter 423 begins with the showdown between AFO and Deku. AFO realizes that his body has stopped regenerating. He blames Deku but realizes that it’s not just him but all the heroes and their feeble wills have come together to dull his senses.

When Deku transferred One for All, he managed to cause significant damage to both Shigaraki’s body and AFO’s spirit. 

  • Reminiscing about the time when he got One for All, Deku says that in the two years his abilities have gotten a little better. What AFO is getting is the combined effort of all nine users of One for All. 
Small squares have the face of different mha characters on them abd they formulate a punch with Deku at the center in MHA
© Kohei Horikoshi / Viz Media
  • Saying that, he punches AFO, who realizes that his body was already shattered. AFO’s body begins to disintegrate and the heroes notice it. 
  • AFO uses his quirks to hold on for a little longer, and calls himself the demon lord. He refuses to pass his legacy onto someone else, believing that he hasn’t achieved anything yet and his dreams are the only ones that deserve to come true. 

He begins to look for a new vessel in the hopes of repeating what he did with Shigaraki. He even thinks of Deku as a potential candidate, as he’s quirkless at present. Deku prepares to land another punch on him, just when we see Aizawa yelling his name. 

Dynamight is back!

Deku and Bakugou punch together in My Hero Academia
Bakugou returns © Kohei Horikoshi / Viz Media

Aizawa looks around and finds out that Kurogiri is leaving. Kurogiri Apologizes to Mic and Aizawa for leaving; but he needs to save Shigaraki. Looking up at the sky, Mic says that Kurogiri (Shirakumo) always reaches out for those in need. Kurogiri opens a portal right in front of Deku’s punch and asks AFO to give Shigaraki back as his friends are waiting for him. 

  • Right then Bakugou appears at Deku’s side. Mic is surprised to see Bakugou as he’s not supposed to move around. 
  • He wonders if Bakugou got there with his blasts. Bakugou reveals that Todoroki helped him in getting there. 

Deku looks straight into AFO’s eyes and says that he can’t forgive what he has done. But at the same time, he’s not some monster or demon lord. AFO asks him to stop looking, but Deku says that AFO is just a lonely man. 

The last meeting between the brothers

Deku holds AFO's disintegradating face with his palm in My Hero Academia Chapter 423
Deku calls AFO a lonely man © Kohei Horikoshi/ Viz Media

Hearing this, we see what appears to be vestige of AFO. He turns around, feeling the presence of Yoichi and calls out to him. Yoichi tells him that during the transfer Midoriya made sure that a fragment of Yoichi stays intact, so he could complete One for All.

Holding whatever’s left of Yoichi in his palm, AFO starts screaming that he needs to see Yoichi’s face. He asks his brother to not disappear. Yoichi apologizes to AFO for not guiding him well, he informs AFO that is the salvation they’ve got because of Deku. As Yoichi begins to disappear, AFO begs him to stay as he loves him, saying that he’ll be hopeless without him.

Before vanishing, Yoichi tells AFO that he has to pay the price for everything he has done. And it’s about time for him to do that as somebody else has also been awakened. 

The End

Deku and Shigaraki bump their fists illuminating everything around them in MHA
Shigaraki and Deku © Kohei Horikoshi / Viz Media

Shigaraki appears from behind AFO and his punch meets with Deku, possibly destroying AFO. We hear Shigaraki’s thoughts. 

  • When AFO swallowed him, he thought that he has met his end but Nana kept him alive. He expresses remorse to Kurogiri for not being able to destroy a thing even after getting his body back. 
  • With his fist against Deku’s, he admits that what Deku said might have been true. Maybe he was just a crying kid in the end, who couldn’t even destroy his hands. 
Deku has his hands in front of his face to avoid getting illuminating embers into his eyes in My Hero Academia
Izuku Midoriya © Studio Bones
  • Deku responds by saying that he couldn’t let whatever Shigaraki has done stand so he fought to stop him. To make him stop himself and not extend the misery and grief to the world.
  • Shigaraki asks Deku to tell Spinner, if he’s still alive, that Shigaraki kept fighting to destroy up until the very end. Deku says that it’s already been destroyed. 

The chapter ends with the sun shining upon Izuku Midoriya casting away the dark clouds. 

So, we have reached the end? 

All of us were expecting MHA to end soon, but this soon? The final bosses have disintegrated into nothing, and the heroes have taken a breath of relief. A decade after a rocky run with more highs than lows, seems like we have reached the end. 

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