My Hero Academia: How many quirk does Deku have now in the Anime?

How powerful is Deku now in the Anime

By the fifth season of the My Hero Academia, Deku becomes less and less of the snivelling boy we saw in the first season. In the beginning, Deku had no Quirk to begin with but he didn’t let that discourage him. He made up for being Quirkless with his unwavering determination and beliefs. You can call it to plot armour but you can’t deny Kohei Horikoshi moulded this character beautifully and made him deserving of every win that came his way.

How powerful is Deku now in the Anime
Deku and All Might (Image via IMDb)

Being chosen as the inheritor of the One for All Quirk was the start of the grand scheme. It’s said that people who take the rocky road to success walk faster on a smooth road. The Quirk coupled with all the abilities that Deku has to cultivate by himself set him miles apart from the other Heroes. This is exactly what spurred, and inspired even, All Might’s return to Hero business in the latest My Hero Academia Manga Chapter.

How strong is Deku now and how many Quirk does he have?

The one question on everyone’s mind is “How powerful is Deku?” Well, let’s take a recap through all the moments where Deku awakened a new Quirk and grew stronger because of it-

  • Black Whip was a Quirk that belonged to Daigoro Banjo, the sixth user of One for All. This Quirk grew in strength with each inheritance cycle and allowed Midoriya to generate and control black ropes of energy from any part of his body. It appears that Black Whip can be strengthened by emotions, and remains a staple of Midoriyas moves.
  • Float was a Quirk of the seventh user of One For All, Nana Shimura. Quite self-explanatory, the Quirk allows the user to levitate in mid-air and fly at high speeds. This Quirk gives Midoriya loads of manoeuvrability in battle and mobility in long-range view.
  • Danger Sense was a Quirk of the fourth user of One for All, Hikage Shinomori. It allows the user to sense danger in their immediate surroundings and warns them of potential harm and allows them to take appropriate action. This can be particularly useful in battle, helping Midoriya anticipate and avoid his opponent’s attacks.
How powerful is Deku now in the Anime
How powerful is Deku now in the Anime, Image via Bones Studio
  • Smokescreen was a Quirk of the sixth user of One For All, En. It allows Midoriya to produce a thick smoke from his body which covers a wide area and keeps him from the sight of his enemies and allows him to launch surprise attacks.
  • Fa Jin was a Quirk used by the third user of One For All, which allows Midoriya to store kinetic energy by repeating certain movements and making use of it at a later. He first unleashes Fa Jin during the battle with Lady Nagant but barely managed to control it. 
  • Black Chain is a Quirk that Deku came up with himself which combines Blackwhip with Fa Jin to produce a chain that is even stronger than Blackwhip. It is powerful enough to wrap around any target and hurl them over great distances at a tremendous pace.


How powerful is Deku now in the Anime
Deku and Bakugo (Image via IMDb)

To conclude, Deku is definitely the most powerful hero among his peers, outshining Bakugo and Shoto by a long shot. Now that All Might is also Quirkless, it will not be wrong to say that the student has surpassed the teacher. Along with his power and abilities that make him the next great hero, he also possesses a good intellect, a strategizing mind, and the streak of a natural leader.

Despite advancing the ranks, he keeps his head down and stays true to his dreams. He doesn’t let the wins get to his head and stays humble and focused. Deku understands that even though he is powerful, he has miles to go and more milestones to achieve. And therein lies his true power.

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