My Love Story!!: Does it need a Season 2?

My Love Story

“An anime which doesn’t conclude its story”, does that sound familiar to Shojo fans? If it doesn’t, count yourself out of the fandom. Truth aside, most Shojo anime are an exaggerated advertisement of the manga. Many famous Shojo titles like Maid Sama, and Akatsuki no Yona are victims of this inferior treatment. Another anime that shouldn’t be on this list, but is, is My Love Story

Ore Monogatari or My Love Story is a fan favorite for being different from your typical dramatic Shojo series. Even the popularity of My Love Story couldn’t get it a season 2 and it has already been more than 8 years. But while we rant about how Shojo manga never gets a complete adaptation, does My Love Story even need a season 2?

My Love Story

My Love Story anime
Takeo, Yamato, and Sunakawa | Image Courtesy via IMDb

My Love Story manga is successful in every way possible, gathering love from fans, in terms of circulation, a well-done anime adaptation, and a decent live-action adaptation. With the manga targeted at the Shojo demographic, it’s well-known that the anime adaptations are gimmicks to draw fans to the manga.

This leads to incomplete adaptations. My Love Story is one such case. The anime has 24 episodes which are a source to experience joy and the best attempt at a second-hand romance.

Ore Monogatari
Takeo and Sunakawa | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Despite everything good, the anime didn’t conclude the story. The manga continues the story after the anime ends. It’s highly unlikely as it has been more than 7 years already, but in case we get a season 2 for My Love Story, how will the reception of the anime be and wait do we even need a season 2?

My Love Story Season 2: Is there a need for it?

Takeo Ore Monogatari
Takeo is observing the dessert made by Yamato | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The anime of My Love Story covered 34 chapters of the manga. The manga is about 52 chapters long. So we’ve already covered a significant portion of the manga. 

  • Additionally, the point at which the anime ended had a feeling of closure to it. If it ended on a cliffhanger like Blue Spring Ride or Akatsuki No Yona, where the story holds a lot of potential, a My Love Story season 2 becomes necessary. 
  • With My Love Story, there is also a sense of repetitiveness after the first few episodes. In the manga, after chapter 34 where the anime ends, there are significant developments but the turn of events always end up the same way. 
Sunakawa from Ore Monogatari
A still from Ore Monogatari | Image Courtesy via IMDb

So if we look at a potential season 2 by keeping our love for the cutest love story ever, the need for a second season doesn’t make much sense. Also, the manga is a great way to keep up with how the story ends. 


Takeo and Yamato
Yamato and Takeo and the situation is wholesome, despite what it looks like | Image Courtesy via IMDb

While the possibilities and the need for a season 2 have diminished over the years, there are other ways to continue the story. A similar formula but with a different couple would be a great sequel to My Love Story. That way, we’ll also get closer to the Bakemonogatari series as well.

But a sequel won’t be the same unless it’s written by the same author. In the meantime, the need for a sequel to Akatsuki No Yona will forever be alive (Shoujo fans unite)! 

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