My Love Story!!: Is the live-action as good as the anime?

My Love Story anime vs Live action

Rom-com anime enthusiasts, our time has come! My Love Story is a title that is bound to show up in a discussion about romantic comedy anime. Years ago, with the mountain-like Takeo and bird-like Yamato, My Love Story won the hearts of many. But did you know, there’s a live-action adaptation of the anime and manga? “What?! Another live-action!? God no!” must be your reaction.

Well, hold onto that thought as we discuss the My Love Story live action in detail and tackle the most important question, ‘Is it as good as the anime?’

How good is the live-action?

My Love Story live action
Takeo and Yamato, from My Love Story live-action | Image Courtesy of Toho Co. Ltd.

The reputation of live-action doesn’t hold for My Love Story live-action movie. However, the perceptions of anime-manga fans and someone who dives right into the live-action will vary significantly. Given the history of live actions and the time constraint, the live-action does a fairly good job at picking out the key elements of My Love Story and putting it all together as a movie.

It captures the heart of the series. The portrayal of the characters is also satisfying. The casting choice is on point, especially with Takeo. While the live-action is a good one, is it as good as the anime?

My Love Story!!: Is the live-action as good as the anime?

Takeo from My Love Story
Takeo’s reaction after seeing Yamato | Image Courtesy of Toho Co. Ltd.

Considering the duration of a movie, it skims through a lot of concepts. Barely touching some of the crucial moments and also leaving out a few of them. The transitions within the movies and from the anime and manga also feel a bit awkward at times. All of these problems are not present in the anime. 

My Love Story anime
A still from Ore Monogatari anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The anime is a better adaptation of the manga as compared to the live-action. The live-action fails to create the same impact, for many reasons:

  • The anime is 24 episodes long. It has enough time to build up the moments and lead them to fruition. The live-action version doesn’t enjoy this luxury. 
  • In My Love Story anime, the viewers get to experience the inner monologues of different characters. It helps in exploring the characters beyond the usual. With characters like Sunakawa, it’s even more evident. 
  • My Love Story live-action fails visually. This might be a result of insufficient budgeting. The anime is a lot more colorful and bright. At the same time, the live-action is dull throughout, with very few moments that have popping colors. 


My Love Story!!
A still from My Love Story anime featuring Makoto Sunakawa | Image Courtesy via IMDb

On its own, My Love Story live-action adaptation can make you laugh and roll over from all the butterflies-inducing moments. It also makes you like the character. But as soon as we try to put it under the same bracket as the manga and the anime, the charm of the live-action fades in comparison.

The other formats just do a better job at everything while the live-action seems to be summarizing it all. And a summary can never be as effective as the original when it comes to creating impact which My Love Story has done for a lot of us. 

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