My Love Story with Yamada-Kun at Lv999 Chapter 100: Do we finally have a love rival for Yamada?

My Love Story with Yamada-Kun at Lv999 Chapter 100

From winning awards to circulation figures of millions, My Love Story with Yamada-Kun at Lv999 has emerged as a wholesome Shojo manga. The manga will achieve another milestone with its upcoming hundredth chapter. Up until the latest chapter, it has continued to keep the drama at a bare minimum while retaining the essence of Shojo romance.

As we see a potential love triangle building up in the manga, let’s discuss if some drama will unfold between the central couple or if will they continue to go strong.

Who is the love rival?

Akane and Takaya
Younger Akane and Takaya | Image Courtesy of Mangamo and Comic Smart

In the latest chapter, Akane attended her high school reunion. During the reunion, she overhears her friends talking about Takaya’s feelings. We don’t know how Akane feels about it as she leaves without any reaction. She doesn’t even address it on her own. We get a few one-on-one interactions between Takaya and Akane as well. We saw how Takaya looks out for Akane and how they pretty much grew up together.

It was confirmed that Takaya has always liked Akane. After Akane overheard the conversation, there were multiple moments where she could have addressed it if she ever planned to. Instead of creating some romantic tension or drama between these two, with Yamada coming all the way to pick Akane the attention was brought back to the central duo. So will Takaya be a love rival for Yamada? 

My Love Story with Yamada-Kun at Lv999 chapter 100: Do we finally have a love rival for Yamada?

Yamada-kun manga
Akane, Yamada, and Akane’s sister from left to right | Image Courtesy of Mangamo and Comic Smart

At the end of the chapter, Akane’s sister calls her mom to inform her about Yamada. From here on we can expect a meeting between Yamada and Akane’s family. If they head to her home directly from the station, we might also get a meeting between Takaya and Yamada. Takaya isn’t aware that Akane has a boyfriend. 

Meeting Akane’s boyfriend might push Takaya to finally make a move on Akane. Considering their childhood friendship, we can expect him to be respectful about it (unlike the annoying Shojo love rivals). A potential meeting between Yamada and Takaya can end in multiple ways: 

  • Seeing the genuine care and love between Yamada and Akane, Takaya might decide to move on. In this case, he might get closure from Akane’s side if he decides to confess to her. 
  • He might end up emerging as a proper love rival for Yamada, stirring drama between the couple. 
My Love Story with Yamada-kun
Yamada’s first interaction with Akane’s sister | Image Courtesy of Mangamo and Comic Smart

We already know that Akane loves Yamada and hardly pays attention to anyone besides him, romantically. Unlike the previous cases, this time around, the love rival (if he turns out to be one) is someone precious to Akane. They also have some history together which we will probably get to know about soon. 

From everything we’ve seen so far, the situation with Takaya will probably get resolved without any drama. It has always been a pattern with My Love Story with Yamada-Kun at Lv999 to prioritize the fluff over the drama. 


Takaya and Akane
Takaya picks Akane from the station | Image Courtesy of Mangamo and Comic Strap

The interaction between Yamada and Akane’s family is something to look forward to. We might get a showdown between Yamada and Takaya as well. How will Yamada deal with all the pressure? Maybe all of it will turn out to be just another quest like the ones he has been acing as a professional gamer.

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