My New Boss is Goofy anime relieves stress: How is it different from other Slice of Life?

My New Boss is Goofy anime

For us old souls, who want to relax after a long day of work, the previous season of anime has been rough. Filled with jaw-dropping action shows, exhilarating emotions bring together with it the fatigue of experiencing quality animation. However, this season is our savior. My New Boss is Goofy anime is the new Slice of Life that entered town, and it is exactly what we needed.

My New Boss is Goofy anime: What is it about?

Momose is a 26-year-old office worker, who had been harassed in his previous job. Unable to withstand his forceful boss in his earlier setting, he changes his job. However, the stress and fear of experiencing the same thing again make him apprehensive of his new Boss.

Shirasaki | Courtesy of A-1 Pictures

But, all his fears are thrown into the bin when he meets his new boss. Shirasaki, the boss of his new company, is an airhead. Momose rests easy as his daily days are filled with the dumb antics of his boss.

What makes it different from other Slice of Life?

There are various points that differentiate it from other Slice of Life. The short answer: it is about the workplace. The long answer:

  • A show that focuses on healthy workplace conditions.
  • A show that is targeted toward an older audience.
  • A show that is not focused on high schools.
  • A show that has good humor.

The final point is very important. Many times, slice of life anime would keep reusing jokes that have died decades ago. This show, however, brings something fresh to the table. It uses day-to-day mishaps, something that people actually find funny, as a means to further the humor. Unlike other slice of life where slipping and falling is a joke, here slipping and falling is the build-up to the joke, where the reaction of the fallen is the joke.

Momose contemplating his life
Momose contemplating his life | Courtesy of A-1 Pictures

The show brings in entertaining content every week, exactly like Spiel Anime’s weekly Newsletter that brings fun and exciting exclusive content to your fingertips, not just once but twice a week!!!

What makes it good?

The anime targets young and old adults alike. Covering it with humor, it proceeds to showcase what the ideal workplace situation should be like. Something that a corporate hell requires as soon as possible.

Momose wanting to quit his job
Momose wanting to quit his job | Courtesy of A-1 Pictures
  • The show relieves the stress of the adults who come back home from their exhausting work lives. Especially in Japan, where corporate jobs suck the soul out of their employees.
  • The show highlights the importance of a healthy workplace and to what extent it can affect the minds of those who are working there.
  • The show highlights the trauma that employees feel at the behest of their employers. This allows tired viewers to relate and get in the shoes of the character.

The show has a good potential to make a difference in the community. It has done extremely well by making its targetted audience settle in the shoes of the character. This will allow them to look forward to the next episode, as they relax by watching the character they feel connected to relax. This is one of the ways anime can impact the world in a positive light.


While My New Boss is Goofy anime can be a classic slice of life in the upcoming episodes, what sets it aside from the others of the same genre is its effects on its targetted audience. It brings a difference to the minds of its viewers in ways normal slice of life anime could not have. A reprise from the daily hitting of quotas, the show is a must-watch for all who work hard in their jobs, internships, or even colleges. It welcomes all with open arms.

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