New Edition of Nisekoi Manga features two new characters: Who are they?

Nisekoi Manga Bunko Edition

If you thought you have had enough of the Waifu Wars, then no, you have not! As Nisekoi Manga is returning in 2023 with a new edition. This new edition of Nisekoi Manga comprises 16 volumes in total. Just recently the covers for Volume 9 and 10 made it to the internet and they feature two new characters.

If there are new characters, are we getting a sequel? And who are these new characters? Are they even new? All your questions will be answered in this article, along with everything you need to know about the new edition. 

New Edition of Nisekoi Manga: Everything you need to know about it

Nisekoi Characters
Marika Tachibana, Kosaki Onodera, and Kirisaki Chitoge from right to left | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The new edition isn’t an entirely new one but a remastered version of Nisekoi. The volumes will come out in a Bunkobon version different from the Tankobon version that we usually get for Jump Manga. Bunkobon is smaller A6-sized paperbacks, they are cheaper, have more pages, and also save a lot of space.

  • Nisekoi is getting reprinted as a Bunko edition. The first 14 volumes of the Bunko Edition will cover the story from the Nisekoi Manga. The other two chapters will cover the novel series. There’ll be some extra chapters along with an epilogue. 
  • The first two volumes of the Bunko Edition featured Chitoge and Onodera. It came out in June 2023. Subsequent volumes come out every month on the 18th.
  • The Bunko Edition also features brand-new illustrations for the volume covers. 
Mikage Shinohara Nisekoi
Mikage Shinohara shows up at Marika’s High School | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

With that, the covers of volumes 9 and 10 feature two new characters. Who are they? Before we get into that, have you subscribed to our newsletter? If you haven’t then you should! It comes out twice every week with a diverse range of topics from the anime world. 

Who are these characters?

Nisekoi Bunko Edition
Mikage’s first appearance in Nisekoi Manga | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

The characters that we’ve seen on the covers of Volumes 9 and 10 are Kanakura Yui and Mikage Shinohara. They are not new characters and have appeared in the manga before. It’s been a long time since the manga ended so here’s a recollection of who are these characters. 

  • Kanakura Yui: Yui hardly makes any appearances in the anime except for a brief one in one of the OVAs. She’s a childhood friend of Raku. She had one of the four keys but she confirms that she isn’t the one Raku made the promise with. 
  • Mikage Shinohara: The other girl is Mikage Shinohara. Mikage used to go to the same school as Marika. Her behavior towards women is highly suspicious. She used to bully Marika in school but later took on the role of being her sister who looks after her. During a visit to Marika’s high school, she stirs things up between Raku and Marika, as a supporter of Marika. 

Both the girls make brief appearances in the manga and the anime. Given that they’re on the covers of the new volumes, it’s safe to assume that we might get some extra content centered on them.


Onodera and Chitoge
A still from Nisekoi anime featuring Chitoge and Onodera | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Nisekoi is making an unexpected return in 2023. We already saw the future of the best girl and goddess Onodera in the manga. The extra content in Bunko Edition will probably feature more of that. We might also get some follow-ups with some of the side characters, just like Mikage. With that, the gem of the harem genre and the days of rooting for the best girls are here once again. 

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