Ninja Kamui: Trailer Breakdown

Ninja Kamui Trailer breakdown

Ninja Kamui is a highly anticipated original anime, directed by Sunghoo Park and produced by E&H Productions. Recently, at San Diego Comic-Con festival, the first teaser trailer for the anime was unveiled. Yesterday, the teaser was officially uploaded on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel and since then it has generated huge excitement among its fans. This article will break down all the parts of the trailer in terms of its plot and animation details.

What do we witness in the Ninja Kamui trailer?

Joe Higan slaughtering his enemies in Ninja Kamui trailer
Joe Higan slaughtering his enemies in the Ninja Kamui trailer (Image via E&H Production Studio)

The trailer introduces us to Joe Higan, a Nukenin, and a former ninja who has sought refuge in rural America, trying to escape his violent past along with his family. As the trailer starts we see our protagonist sleeping in a dimmed room, naked, but covered with a sheet like a corpse in a mortuary.

He wakes up screaming from what appears to be a violent dream about a woman being killed. Joe Higan is so traumatized by the nightmare that he seems to be gasping for air as he falls down the supposed deathbed. He is remembering his wife, his child and how his family was taken away from him.

  • As the teaser progresses, Joe is seen to be fighting off certain modernized assassins with a sword.
  • We see an epic action sequence along with hand-to-hand combat between Higan and his enemies, as he recalls how his family was being tortured.  The anime combines both traditional martial arts with modern warfare in the trailer. 

Before the end of the teaser, we witness Higan putting on a Japanese Oni mask and setting the battleground on fire. The teaser ends with a popular quote “Revenge is a dish best served cold”. Overall the trailer contains certain gory scenes with extreme bloodshed

Use of colours and the moon as symbols in the Ninja Kamui trailer

Fulll moon behind the action in Ninja Kamui trailer
Full moon behind the action sequence in the Ninja Kamui trailer (Image via E&H Production Studio)

The trailer uses the shade of red to show the death of his wife as he recalls his past. While the colour red is often associated with love, romance and passion, it also symbolizes sacrifice, danger and courage. During his happy past, we can see the purple sky behind, co-incidentally purple sky is also a sign of danger.

While he is fighting the masked assassin the full moon lurks from behind which is the symbol of enlightenment in Zen-Buddhism. Here the makers may try to imply that Higan is getting enlightened by his past. 

Japanese Oni mask and Joe Higan’s character

Joe Higan wearing Japaanese Oni mask in Ninja Kamui trailer
Joe Higan wearing Japanese Oni mask in Ninja Kamui trailer (Image via E&H Production Studio)

The legendary Oni of Japanese folklore are terrifying, massive ogre-like creatures with horns, sharp claws, huge teeth, and wild hair. The Japanese Oni masks were widely used during the Japanese Sengoku period. In modern Japan, the Oni Masks represent evil demons or possessive spirits and are now mainly used for festivals and as protective guardians against these spirits.

Once Higan has brutally slaughtered all the armed men we see him putting on an Oni mask. While the Oni mask represented evil beings in past, their use as guardians gives rise to the question: Is Joe Higan an anti-hero in Ninja Kamui anime?

Why does Ninja Kamui deserve to be hyped?

Creative team

Ninja Kamui benefits from an impressive creative team. Directed by Sunghoo Park, known for his exceptional work in the anime industry, and animated by E&H Production, the series promises top-tier visuals.

The character designs, crafted by Takeshi Okazaki, add depth and individuality to the cast. Having previously worked on Summer Wars and authored the Afro-Samurai manga, Okazaki’s talent ensures unique and captivating characters.

Captivating story

The teaser hints at a captivating and action-packed storyline, drawing parallels of the protagonist Joe Higan’s past, to the tragic origin stories of beloved characters like Marvel’s The Punisher. With its mix of intense fight sequences and Joe Higan’s deeply moving past, Ninja Kamui appears to be a compelling and gory-filled seinen anime that is bound to leave a lasting impression.


Ninja Kamui, the highly anticipated anime directed by Sunghoo Park and produced by E&H Productions, lives up to the hype. The teaser trailer unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con and later on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel has generated massive excitement among fans. The gripping plot follows Joe Higan, a Nukenin seeking solace in rural America after a violent past and the loss of his family. The seamless blend of traditional martial arts and modern warfare, along with intriguing symbolism, adds depth to the story. With a talented creative team and captivating character designs, Ninja Kamui promises to be a memorable and action-packed seinen anime. Fans eagerly await its official release.

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