Nisekoi: Did Chitoge really deserve to win?

Nisekoi Did Chitoge really deserve to win

Nisekoi, the popular anime and manga series by Naoshi Komi, revolves around the intricate love triangle between Raku Ichijo, Chitoge Kirisaki, and Kosaki Onodera. While some people enjoy Chitoge Tsundere-esque personality and explosiveness, others preferred the ‘Nice girl’ vibe of Onodera. Onodera faced formidable competition from Chitoge in the battle for Raku’s heart, in which the latter proved to be the victor.

Chitoge Kirisaki vs Kosaki Onodera

Nisekoi Did Chitoge really deserve to win
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Chitoge Kirisaki is the typical energetic and tsundere-like rom-com female lead, initially forced into a fake relationship with Raku. Onodera’s personality, on the other hand, is defined by her kindness, empathy, shyness, sincerity, and inner strength. She takes up the role of the typical shy, timid girl like Hinata Hyuuga and Rem. One of the crucial aspects of Raku’s romantic relationship with either of these characters is the chemistry between them.

  • Raku’s chemistry with Onodera is characterized by a sense of comfort, familiarity, and a long-standing connection. Having known each other since childhood, this a typical case of a childhood friend turning into a love interest.
  • On the other hand, Raku’s chemistry with Chitoge is marked by a contrasting dynamic. Their initial relationship is defined by conflict and bickering due to their forced partnership.

Chitoge’s Character Development

What helped Chitoge reign supreme at the end is her character development and organic relationship with Raku, according to many fans who favored the end. From her initial tsundere-like persona to her growth in empathy, self-reflection, and emotional maturity, Chitoge undergoes a significant transformation throughout the series.

  • She learns to see beyond surface-level impressions and develops a deeper appreciation for the feelings and experiences of those around her.
  • Another key aspect is how they were opposing forces in the series. The phrase opposites attract proves to be true in Nisekoi.
  • Chitoge and Raku’s contrasting traits create a sense of balance in their relationship. Chitoge’s assertiveness and outspokenness complement Raku’s more reserved nature, allowing them to support and challenge each other.
  • Their differences create comedic moments, foster character growth, and provide opportunities for emotional depth and introspection.

Why did Onodera lose?

Nisekoi Did Chitoge really deserve to win
Image Courtesy of Studio Shaft

Despite her endearing qualities and unwavering support for Raku, Onodera’s character development remained relatively limited compared to Chitoge’s. Her shy and hesitant nature hindered her ability to effectively communicate her feelings to Raku, creating a significant barrier to the progression of their relationship, which would’ve felt inorganic if broken. Chitoge’s spirited personality, banter, and evolving relationship with Raku made her a formidable contender.

  • A strong romantic relationship often involves mutual growth between the characters.
  • While Onodera provided unwavering support for Raku, there was a lack of significant personal growth and mutual challenges that could have strengthened their bond.
  • The ‘Kawai’ factor of a shy, childhood friend can only take a relationship so far, whereas the more explosive and tensioned filled progression of the other ship left more room for organic growth and development.


While the debate regarding Chitoge’s victory over Onodera in Nisekoi continues among fans, it is true that both sides have solid arguments. At the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference. This doesn’t exactly mean that Chitoge didn’t deserve to win though or vice versa and the battle will forever continue within the fandom.


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