Oda’s Personal Message is another win for One Piece Fans: Here’s everything you need to know

One piece

Get excited folks! because Eichiro Oda and Netflix have just recently released a significant update regarding the future of their partnership, and the future of the recently released and well-received One Piece Live-action series, which has left the anime community in a daze of confusion and satisfaction due to its surprising standard of quality and production. But without any more distractions, let’s analyze Oda Sensei’s message!

One Piece Season 2 Confirmation

Oda confirms season 2 of one piece
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Yes! Netflix has indeed renewed the One Piece show for yet another season, as conveyed by Oda sensei through the humorous use of the iconic transponder snails from the series. This is a really big deal due to how soon Netflix was willing to renew the show, which was released only 2 weeks prior.Β This details the massive success that the show has yielded for the platform and was even acknowledged by Oda sensei as he conveyed his gratitude towards the fandom for their support.

Oda also detailed his satisfaction with the work done by the Tomorrow studios when it comes to the set design and the overall look of the show, along with having only positive remarks to give when it comes to his experience with the partnership. This is a good sign, as it tells of the respect that the creators are showing for the original material and Oda himself.

Season 2 – What to Expect + Speculations

Season 2 of one piece is confirmed
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Oda left us with some really obvious cues regarding what we can expect from Season of Netflix’s One Piece when it comes to the story arcs it is set to cover, but one can never be too sure without some brainstorming. So without any further ado, here are a few of the major speculations we can make regarding the 2nd season: –

  • Considering the episode count showcased in Season 1, the increase in budget we can expect, and the cost assumptions we can make from the production crew. We can speculate that Season 2 is likely looking to a 10-episode tenure, with the adaptation length being around the same with 2 episodes per arc.
  • If the season does turn out to have a 10-episode tenure, we can easily assume that the first 2 episodes will serve as the epilogue for the East Blue saga by covering the remaining Loguetown arc, while the rest of the 8 episodes cover the long-awaited Arabasta saga, which finally lands our straw hat crew into the Grand Line.
  • Oda also admitted to a blatant tease for the arrival of the beloved Straw hat mascot and doctor, Tony Tony Chopper. Though we don’t know much regarding his casting and how they are going to implement his design into the realistic setting, we can still remain optimistic at the least considering the goodwill that the 1st season has generated.


Netflix’s One Piece is quickly breaking the stigma against live-anime adaptations and is spearheading the rise in quality of such works across the industry. With Oda sensei at the helm, we fans don’t have much to worry about when it comes to how they are going to further handle the narrative. All we can hope for is more of the same passion that has clearly seeped in throughout the entirety of the 1st season because that very passion is going to keep us fans satisfied with what is to come.

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