One Piece 1073: Release date + Where to watch?

One Piece 1073 Release date

Luffy and Kaido keep having their epic fight in Episode 1072, called “Luffy’s Peak- Attained! Gear Five.” But some fans are still uncertain about the specific content of One Piece Episode 1073, given the absence of any current spoiler information. So, be with us to know more about One Piece 1073 Release date, where to watch, what to expect, and more.

The funny style of animation and the playful appearance added quite some unique qualities to the gear’s features, giving it a refreshing feel. Who could have guessed that Luffy would become so childlike in his ultimate form?!

Episode 1072 of One Piece is likely the most unique because, in addition to the transformation, it’s the first time we’ve seen an outro for One Piece, and it was truly beautiful.

One Piece 1073 Release date + Timezones

One Piece 1073 Release date
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

The next episode of One Piece, Episode 1073, is scheduled for release on Saturday, August 19, 2023. People around the world can watch One Piece Episode 1073 on Crunchyroll approximately 90 minutes after it’s shown in Japan.

Here are the release times for One Piece episode 1073 on Crunchyroll in the corresponding time zones:

  • Pacific Standard Time (PST): 6 pm, Saturday, August 19
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 9 pm, Saturday, August 19
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 2 am, Sunday, August 20
  • Central European Time (CET): 3 am, Sunday, August 20
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 7:30 am, Sunday, August 20
  • Philippine Standard Time (PST): 10 am, Sunday, August 20
  • Japanese Standard Time (JST): 11 am, Sunday, August 20
  • Australia Central Standard Time (ACST): 11:30 am, Sunday, August 20

Will One Piece Episode 1073 be on break this week?

No, there is no break for One Piece Episode 1073 this week. The episode will be released according to the regular schedule.

Where to watch One Piece Episode 1073?

For viewing One Piece Episode 1071 with English subtitles, Crunchyroll presents the easiest choice. They publish each episode simultaneously with its Japanese airing, which occurs roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes after the initial broadcast.

Some countries might not have access to these platforms but you can also check out One Piece on AppleTV, Funimation, and Netflix.

What to expect from One Piece 1073?

In Episode 1073, named “No Way Out! A Hellish Scene on Onigashima,” everyone will work to stop Onigashima from falling. The story will now pay attention to the other characters. Onigashima is very hot and most of it has burned down already so the samurais and Straw Hat crew need to act fast to save people.

One Piece 1073 Release date
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

The preview showed that Raizo will be important in the next episode as he will do something brave for the samurais. And of course, we’ll also see more of Gear Five in action.

What happened in One Piece Episode 1072?

Luffy is having fun with his new power, and Kaido is surprised that this kind of change is usually only possible for Zoan-type users. Kaido tries to swallow Luffy, but inside him, Luffy turns things around. He makes Kaido’s body into a huge ball and Kaido ends up bouncing around on the roof, not able to control what’s happening.

  • Kaido launches a powerful Blast Breath at Luffy, sending Luffy flying. The situation worsens across the island and Luffy returns to strike Kaido, but Kaido counters with Ragnarok.
  • Luffy leaps around, causing chaos in his surroundings while Kaido struggles to control the situation. Then his punch lands on Kaido’s face, sending Kaido flying like a rubber object.

Kaido remains down and Luffy contemplates the name for his new attack. Kaido asks Luffy who he is. Luffy answers he’s Monkey D. Luffy, the man who will surpass Kaido and become the Pirate King (we’ve got the message!).


That’s everything to know about One Piece 1073 Release date, where to watch, what to expect, and more. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments down below.




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