One Piece 1088: Will Luffy fight St. Jaygarcia Saturn?

Will luffy fight St Jaygarcia Saturn

With the climax of the fight in Hachinosu between Garp and the Blackbeard Pirates, One Piece chapter 1088 finally shows the Navy ships reaching Egghead. On board, these ships are two fearsome figures of the World Government, Kizaru and Gorosei St. Jaygarcia Saturn. Will we see a direct confrontation between the Future King of Pirates and the Gorosei? Let’s find out.

Luffy as a Threat to the World Government

After Wano, Luffy solidified his position in the Pirate World with a 3 billion bounty. He is a rising figure in the world, with connections stretching from Kings of countries to Leaders of Revolutionaries.

After the events of Wano, Luffy is now one of the strongest pirates in the One Piece universe. He has defeated the strongest creature in the world, Kaidou, and solidified his place as one of the 4 Emperors of the Sea.

If this were not enough, he is also one of the inheritors of the Will of D and the Fate of Joyboy. He has awakened the legendary Hito Hito no Mi: Model Sun God Nika, a devil fruit that had been erased from the History of the world by Imu-sama.

Is Luffy a high-profile threat?

Since the inception of the Grand Fleet of the Strawhats in Dressrosa, Oda has revealed that Bartholomew has gone through the seas spreading their name. Hitting one of the lands of Emperor Red-Hair Shanks, both Luffy and his grand fleet are growing notorious in the seas. Even without adding the strength of the Grandfleet, the Strawhats are already one of the strongest pirate crews, after defeating the Animal Pirates.

Luffy is already the man to hit Three World Government institutions and survive. He is also the man who is at the forefront of being The Future Pirate King. This makes Luffy a very high-profile threat to the World Government, on par with the previous Emperors of the Sea.

Luffy (courtesy of Toei Animation)

Involvement of Gorosei

With the awakening of the Legendary Sun God Nika’s devil fruit, Luffy is an obvious threat to the reign of Imu-sama. With Vegapunk about to ditch the World Government and join the Strawhats to unveil both the marvels and atrocities of the Void Century, the Gorosei have to involve themselves to fix this.

With the assassination of Nefertari D. Cobra, the King of Alabasta, the Gorosei have already made their move. They have also dispatched the Holy Knights to stabilize the situation within the Celestial Dragons. They have begun to quell all the torrents of the sea, for their King Imu-sama to have a smooth sailing.

Vegapunks (courtesy of Shounen Jump)


With the mission to deal with the threat of Vegapunk and the Strawhats, St. Jaygarcia Saturn is bound to be in direct conflict with either of the parties. With the events of Reverie, we have to come to know that all the Gorosei have devil fruits.

Luffy always goes for the strongest, and hence will most likely try to fight Saturn and that would be an epic battle between the Two Polar Powers of the World. It will add to Luffy’s long list of hitting World Government’s powerhouse.

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