One Piece 1089 Spoilers: Are the disasters around the world caused by Imu Sama?

One Piece 1089 Spoilers Are the disasters around the world caused by Imu Sama

One Piece 1089 Spoilers are out and they have revealed quite a few shocking revelations. The most intriguing one seems to be the fact that multiple ‘Disasters’ are happening all over the world of One Piece. Given what happened to the Lulusia Kingdom, it’s quite difficult to brush these ‘Disasters’ as nature’s wrath. Are the disasters around the world caused by Imu Sama in One Piece Chapter 1089? Let’s find out.

The So-called Disasters

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Whitebeard from One Piece | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Based on the leaks and spoilers of One Piece 1089, it seems like some kind of natural disaster is taking place all over the world. As of now, we don’t have any confirmation or leaks about the disasters themselves. However, it is quite prudent to avoid ignoring these disasters as ‘Natural’.

  • Another noteworthy thing from the spoilers is the elevated sea levels around the area where Lulusia Kingdom used to exist.
  • When we put all of these together, something definitely doesn’t feel right. While it’s plausible that the nature of these disasters could be natural, the origin or cause of them might not be.
  • The synchronized destruction and chaos created across the world would benefit no one better than the King of the World, Imu Sama.
  • It’s highly likely that they’ve played a role in this incident, in some way, shape, or form.

Involvement of Imu Sama

After the Lulusia Kingdom’s destruction, fans got to see the power that Imu Sama has at their disposal. While their end goals and motivations are still unclear, they very much desire the exercising control over the entire world for some reason and expect that everything should happen as they dictate.

  • Whenever something diverges from their call, Imu Sama has shown to go to great extremes to fix it.
  • When we talk about Natural Disasters, they’re usually intricately connected to the topology and geography of the world.
  • Imu Sama resides in the Red Line, the single, long continental piece of land in the world of One Piece.
  • Somewhere within the Red Line, there could be a mechanism that has the capacity to start a chain reaction across the world when triggered.
  • This might even be the secret of Mary Geoise that Doflamingo Mentioned.

Impact on the Grand Line

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Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

If the above speculations prove to be true, then the entire One Piece world is set to experience a dramatic shift in terms of almost everything. It is highly likely that Imu Sama already knows what the One Piece is and they don’t want it found.

  • Given that people have gotten dangerously close to the One Piece and all that stands between them and the treasure’s discovery is the final Road Poneglyph, Imu Sama probably decided to pull no punches anymore. So far we have no idea about what Islands, Countries, and Kingdoms are affected due to this attack.
  • If this is a controlled streak of disasters, it s safe to assume that the victims of the said events would be the Islands that are against the current world government or those who support the Straw Hats.
  • And if these disasters are the byproduct of the events that are happening in the One Piece world, it could very well be the setup for the final war that Oda was talking about.


As we get closer and closer to the end of One Piece, more and more details about the hidden aspects of the world are coming to light, and many things have started to make sense. Although speculations above about the disasters are based on leaked spoilers, they hint at quite an interesting approach to the final war of the series that might connect the entire world and funnel them toward one conflict.

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