One Piece 1094 spoilers: A major powerhouse revealed

One Piece 1094 spoilers A major powerhouse revealed

One Piece 1094 spoilers have started to surface and things seem to be getting a little heated on Egghead. Fans assumed that Luffy vs. Kizaru would be the primary climactic battle of this arc, but based on the recently leaked spoilers, another major powerhouse might jump into the fray. Who is this tide-shifting entity and how will they impact Luffy and the Straw Hats’ escape from Egghead? Let’s find out.

Saint Jayagarcia Saturn

Saint Jayagarcia Saturn’s position as one of the Five Elders places him above even the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, showcasing his immense control over various branches of government, including the police, the Marines, and Cipher Pol.

  • To us fans, it is no secret that Saturn and his fellow Elders also manipulate information, controlling the narrative by erasing segments of history, including the enigmatic Void Century.
  • According to One Piece 1094 Spoilers,  Saturn might be the one to intercept Luffy and Kizaru’s fight. Both of them seem to be enjoying the fight a bit too much to let it end anytime soon and it’s likely that Saturn would want to hasten things up.
  • According to the leaks, we might get to witness Saturn using the awakened form of his Devil Fruit, which was already suspected to be a horned creature-type Zoan fruit, based on the silhouette shown during Cobra’s assassination.

One Piece 1094 spoilers: Saturn’s Devil Fruit and Awakening

Given all past evidence, it is highly likely that Saturn possesses a Mythical Zoan-type devil fruit. The most fitting concept for his Devil Fruit would be something like the Mythical Zoan Bull-Bull Fruit: Model Minotaur.

  • We already know that his fruit allows him to transform into a horned creature. Given his position in the One Piece power hierarchy, a Mythical Zoan in his possession would be very much justified.
  • This is extremely crucial when it comes to the ongoing battle. Luffy sure is strong enough to compete at the admiral level and beyond at the moment, but taking on two behemoths at the same time? Even with Gear 5, that sounds very far-fetched.

Fate of the Straw Hats

As the end of Egghead Arc draws closer, things are more uncertain than ever. Based on the One Piece 1094 spoilers, things might get really tacky for the Straw Hats if this situation continues. Given that two of the three captains who fought at Onigashima have already suffered a colossal defeat, Luffy is the last one standing. Is this about change?

  • So far, Kizaru hasn’t shown signs of struggle, even when Luffy brought out Gear 5. If Saturn jumps in at this moment, the tide of battle might shift to worse.
  • Usually in One Piece, especially in the pre-time skip times, someone would swoop in to save the day during moments like these.
  • But this time, Luffy is up against the cream of the crop, and there is hardly a handful of Pirates who could deal with them. Mihawk and Shanks are the only names that come to mind.


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In the escalating chaos of the Egghead Arc, the arrival of Saint Jayagarcia Saturn has tipped the balance in an unprecedented manner. As fans anticipated a climactic showdown between Luffy and Kizaru, Saturn’s interference adds a new layer of complexity to the unfolding events. To keep track of everything that happens in the upcoming chapters of One Piece, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.





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