One Piece 1094: Will Jewelry Bonney’s Devil Fruit finally Awaken?

One Piece 1094 Will Jewelry Bonney's Devil Fruit finally Awaken

One Piece Chapter 1094 promises an intense clash between the Straw Hat crew and some of the most formidable adversaries they have ever faced: Jayagarcia Saturn, one of the enigmatic Five Elders, and Admiral Kizaru. After the recently leaked spoilers, fans are left wondering how the unpredictable Jewelry Bonney and her mysterious Devil Fruit powers will come into play, especially given the dire situation Luffy and his crew find themselves in.

Jewelry Bonney’s Devil Fruit

Jewelry Bonney, whose powers allow her to manipulate the aging process of living beings and objects, has long been a character shrouded in mystery. Her abilities have been showcased in various ways, from disguising herself to altering the ages of her opponents. However, her awakening still remains ambiguous, since her ability doesn’t physically affect herself or anything else, but instead works on the temporal axis.

  • With the concept of Devil Fruit Awakening becoming more prominent in the series, it raises the question: Could Bonney possess an awakened Devil Fruit, and if so, how might it influence the ongoing battle?
  • One might assume that depending on her awakening, the tides of the Egghead Arc might shift dramatically. Still, even if she awakens her fruit, there is no guarantee that it’ll be strong enough to bypass Kizaru and Saturn’s Haki.

Bonney’s Awakening

One Piece 1094 Will Jewelry Bonney's Devil Fruit finally Awaken
Image Courtesy of Viz Media

If Bonney’s Devil Fruit were to awaken, it’s conceivable that she could extend her aging powers on a massive scale. This could affect entire landscapes, potentially weakening or incapacitating multiple opponents simultaneously.

  • Age Control Precision: Awakening might grant Bonney greater control over the ages she manipulates. She could selectively age-specific body parts or objects, allowing for more intricate and strategic attacks. She might even employ temporal contradictions and paradoxes to achieve unexpected results.
  • Environmental Manipulation: Similar to Luffy’s awakening through Gear 5, Bonney could potentially affect the environment. She might age natural elements, turning soil into quicksand or solidifying water to create obstacles for her adversaries.

Time Chamber in One Piece 1094 and beyond?

One popular theory gaining traction is the concept of a localized temporal domain, akin to Trafalgar Law’s Room. This speculation suggests that Bonney could gain the power to create a unique space, sort of like a “Time Chamber.” Within this confined area, time behaves differently, allowing Bonney to manipulate the aging process for herself, her allies, and her foes.

In this hypothetical scenario, the Time Chamber becomes a battleground where time itself becomes a weapon. Bonney could fast-forward or slow down time at will, creating strategic advantages for her allies or disorienting her enemies. This power aligns seamlessly with the theme of her Devil Fruit ability, which revolves around manipulating the aging process.


One Piece 1094 Will Jewelry Bonney's Devil Fruit finally Awaken
Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

As the battle in One Piece Chapter 1094 continues to unfold, fans eagerly anticipate the moment when Bonney unveils her cards, revealing the true extent of her powers and their impact on the fight against Saturn and Kizaru. According to the spoilers, she has already managed to wound Saturn, however, that alone wouldn’t be enough to predict her role in this battle.



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