One Piece Anime will enter the Final Saga with Egghead: What to expect?

Egghead arc

The recent developments in One Piece Manga have left fans on the edge of their ships. Is it the magic of the final saga realm that One Piece has entered? We’ll get the answer shortly as One Piece anime is about to enter the final saga with Egghead Arc. A new trailer of the Egghead Arc in the anime has been dropped and it gives fans a lot to look forward to. Here’s all the information we know so far about the final saga of One Piece and what to expect from the anime after Wano. 

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One Piece Anime Egghead Arc: Everything we know so far 


At present, the anime consists of a total of 1085 episodes, and with episode 1086, the final saga of One Piece will commence in the anime. Although the advent of the Strawhats on Egghead Island will mark the official beginning of the Egghead Arc. The Strawhats will arrive on the island on January 7th, 2024 as revealed in the teaser. 

Besides the release dates, the treasure features the new outfits of the characters, allegedly Doctor Vegapunk, and what the island looks like. 

What to expect from Egghead Arc?

One Piece Egghead
A still from Egghead Arc Trailer | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

In One Piece, the transition from one arc to another is always thrilling but in a relaxed way. It makes fans curious while giving them ample time to deal with the aftermath of the previous arc’s climax. We get an exploration of the island with the potential threats slowly creeping in. With a slow and fun pacing at first, the arcs gradually pick up pace and then we get exciting moments one after the other. 

In this respect, Egghead defies expectations with a quick-pacing from the get-go. Egghead is both information and battle-heavy. Oda answers a lot of questions while inserting some new mysteries as well.  

Here’s why Egghead Arc is the perfect gateway to the final saga

A still from One Piece Anime Egghead Arc Trailer | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

Here onwards, beware of manga spoilers. Over 25 years, Oda has set up several mysteries. With Egghead he delves into them one by one, rewarding fans for their decades-long wait. We get some shocking revelations about the foundation of One Piece including a possibility behind the genesis of devil fruits. We get closer to some colossal figures who we had hardly any knowledge about previously. 

With this arc, the intensity and the consequences of the Strawhats’ actions have taken substantial leaps. We get several demonstrations of the power statuses of different groups and information that puts everything into context. The top figures of the World Government and the Navy arrive at Egghead and spar with Luffy. All these developments are resounding proof of how far he has come. With every new turn, we know that Oda meant business when he began the final saga. 


Brook and Franky
Brook and Franky | Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

The progression from Wano to Egghead also bears a slight resemblance to Japan’s evolution to become the hotspot of technological advancements. As for the One Piece anime, will it keep up with the god-tier animation we experienced so often during Wano? Are we getting a new One Piece Opening? We’ll find out soon enough.

There’s a lot to look forward to in Egghead for both manga readers and anime onlies. Get ready, as we are setting sail for our next destination, Egghead Island! 

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