One Piece Chapter 1091: Will Luffy vs Kizaru be similar to Luffy vs Enel?

One Piece Chapter 1091: Will Luffy vs Kizaru be similar to Luffy vs Enel?

Luffy’s upcoming clash with Admiral Kizaru is set to be one of his toughest battles yet. Interestingly, the dynamics seem reminiscent of Luffy’s fight against the lightning God Enel. Looking at their personalities, there are definite similarities between the enigmatic Kizaru and the eccentric Enel. Will Luffy vs Kizaru in One Piece Chapter 1091 be similar to Luffy vs Enel? Let’s find out.

Enel and Kizaru

On the surface, there are definite parallels. Both Enel and Kizaru ate powerful Logia fruits allowing them to become, produce, and control their element. This grants them incredible offensive power, mobility, and intangibility that is difficult to counter. When Luffy challenged them, his rubber body was uniquely suited to withstand and evade their element-based attacks.

  • Both tend to have a laidback, casual attitude and are often seen smiling. But they can quickly shift to cold ruthlessness when fighting, showing little regard for opponents.
  • Their speech mannerisms are also atypical, with Enel drawing out vowel sounds and Kizaru using lazy phrasing.
  • Their Logia fruits hold parallels as well. Light and lightning are both energetic, fast-moving forces closely tied to electromagnetism.

Light, Lightning, and Rubber

Luffy in the One Piece Gear 5th Peview
Luffy, with his awakened Devil Fruit | Image Courtesy of Toei Animations

This grants incredible speed, explosive attacks, and high mobility to both fighters. And since light and lightning are rarely “touched”, it made Kizaru and Enel overly confident in their intangibility before meeting Luffy.

  • When the Straw Hats encountered Enel, they were completely overwhelmed and outmatched, unable to even harm him. This mirrored the hopelessness they felt when Kizaru demolished them at Sabaody.
  • Enel seemed invincible until Luffy’s rubber body proved an effective counter. Overall, the electrifying Enel and radiant Kizaru have similarities reflecting their energized, complex personalities and logia fruits.
  • Against Enel, Luffy was able to creatively use his elastic properties to bounce lightning back at Enel. The electricity bolstered rather than hurt Luffy, allowing him to get past the Logia’s defenses.

Rising Stakes: Luffy Vs Kizaru in One Piece Chapter 1091?

Enel’s overconfidence in his Devil Fruit abilities and Haki left him unprepared when Luffy bypassed his intangibility. Based on this, Luffy seems well-equipped to handle Kizaru’s light powers.

  • His rubbery body should naturally insulate him from lasers and light beams. Luffy could even potentially reflect the light attacks back as he did against Enel in Luffy vs Kizaru, presumably with Gear 5.
  • However, there are some key differences that suggest Kizaru will be a much greater challenge. Most importantly, Kizaru has honed his Devil Fruit to a masterful level fitting an Admiral.
  • His light-speed movements and beams are precisely controlled and targeted in deadly ways beyond Enel’s unfocused lightning shocks. Unlike Enel, Kizaru has impressive Haki to fortify and enhance his light for greater combat ability and defense.


Admiral Kizaru Borsalino from One Piece | Image Courtesy via IMDb

In summary, while Luffy’s fruit, especially after Gear 5, could provide an edge against Kizaru as it did with Enel. Given that we’ve never seen Kizaru go all out, It’s highly likely that this battle will be far more challenging for Luffy than anything before.

Even though Luffy has grown tremendously since his fight against Enel. He now has all three types of Haki, Gear 5, and an awakened Devil Fruit which means he should be able to go up against Kizaru in One Piece 1091.

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